Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Like hell but with wind.

I've always been one that loves the heat. I always tell people that I love summer days that are so hot you have to close up your house and camp out in the basement. Nothing says summer like oppressive heat. This year however, the heat finally broke me. I cannot remember ever living through a summer that was this hot for this long. We are breaking records here. Yesterday it was +49 with the humidity. +49!!! What? A temperature like that exists? It does indeed exist. It exists in a place where it goes down to that very same number in the winter but on the negative side. Why do I live here again? Oh yeah, cheap wait....

I'm pretty sure what did me in was two nights ago when it was so hot that I actually slept with a wet towel draped over me. And I use the term "slept" very loosely. I woke up that morning with all my love for the summer heat melted around me in a puddle on the floor. If you haven't already guessed, we don't have air conditioning and at this moment there are no air conditioners or fans to be found in this province or in the one next door.

Plus I've been playing ball almost every night and let me tell you, I am none too pretty after those games are over.

But today was a beautiful day. Cloudy, windy, a bit rainy. It only got to +25. I love +25. It's my favourite temperature ever. I am actually looking forward to playing ball tonight and possibly going for a beer after when I'm not soaking wet.

Of course in a couple of days the oppressive heat will be back. Of course by that time I will have missed it because that's the kind of misguided soul that I am.


Working From Home Today said...

Yeah, get rid of that sh!t before I get there. I'm whiny when it comes to heat. Give me minus 40 anyday! (says the person who hasn't experienced it in awhile)

Schmutzie said...

I was so thrilled that the heat didn't kill me, too. I've gotten tired of spending my days naked and sticky (in a completely non-sexy sense).

may-b said...

You are a sick, sick puppy. I am with Schmutzie. There is nothing good about spending your days sweaty, sticky and naked and having nothing to show for it.