Saturday, August 18, 2007


Ok, quick updates in point form. Bullet style!
  • My campus rec team lost the semi finals but we played great. The other team was just a better team. Simple as that. It was disappointing but not depressing because we played really well and I was proud of us.
  • My other team lost the last two best out of three games by one point each time. Those losses were depressing. Especially the first one when we lost because a guy didn't tag on a fly. I'm sure he felt pretty bad though.....after I punched him.
  • Now that ball is over I can work 24 hours a day if I want. Sweet!
  • Last weekend I went to my friend's wedding. It was really nice. The bride looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine and the groom teared up during the vows which was so sweet. I think they actually set a world record for speech length however. I almost lost my buzz. But thankfully, after the speeches, I jumped right back on the drinking horse and then promptly fell off losing some of my memory in the process. For that reason I've decided that not drinking at all is probably the best choice, if only to ensure my husband won't leave me. I wish that was a joke but it sadly isn't.
  • To celebrate the fact that we don't have any money in our bank account I decided to go get my hair cut and streaked last night. It's a bit too blond for my liking but I'm sure I'll get over it. While I was there, I witnessed something quite disturbing. It seems this family comes in every once in a while with their senile Grandma to get her hair permed. According to my equally disturbed hairdresser, the last time they came in Grandma cried and screamed "help me" the whole time obviously not enjoying the process. This time, however, the granddaughter came who seemed to be a calming influence, but Grandma still didn't know what was going on nor did she want to be there. My question is, why would you do that to your Grandma? Perming is one of the most disgusting and sometime painful things you can do hairstyle wise. The smell alone makes me gag. Why would you do that to a poor, senile old woman who obviously does not care if her hair is permed or not? I was really trying to understand that and I couldn't. Any ideas out there?
  • I'm going to a tail gate party today and then to the Rider Game. And I'm not drinking. Wish me luck.

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