Friday, September 7, 2007

To Whom It May Concern

To the woman who almost ran my husband and I down this morning when we were running though the park,
If you should ever choose again to take a short cut through the park, please keep in mind that there are likely going to be runners or bikers or walkers using the same road as you are. Because it's a PARK and not a freeway, it would be nice if you could slide over a bit into the other lane as you drive by us and not try to push us off the road. Contrary to your obvious belief, we are not being assholes by running on the road, we are running on the road because there aren't any paths to run on in this area of the park. That's what people do in parks. They run or they bike or do a number of other healthy park things and sometimes they do these things on the road that goes through the park because there isn't anywhere else to go. Most people understand that, because they are driving through a park, they need to share the road space with others. Most people. It's not like we were running down the middle of a main city street and gave you the finger because you didn't give us the right of way. Although I was really tempted to run after your car and give you something else and I would have if I didn't already feel like throwing up.

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