Monday, September 10, 2007

What the F?

For the past three nights I've been having the most effed up dreams. Now, I am a creative dreamer, but these dreams are nothing like what I normally dream. And usually when I have a weird dream I can connect it with something that happened during the day and figure out where it came from but, these ones? Not so much. These dreams are extremely morbid and very disturbing. Without getting into too much detail here's a brief outline of each(WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT...SERIOUSLY):
  • Friday night: I dream that my husband's father's brain has been reduced to that of an infant. He is living with us and my husband has to frequently clean him up after he soils himself. At some point during the dream we are watching his Chilean wake on TV. By the end of the dream his father is in fact a child.
  • Saturday night: I dream my husband(who looks like David Duchovny but in the dream I know he's my husband) is chasing me around the house with a gun. He then corners me and shoots me repeatedly in the head. With each shot I can feel the blood splattering around me. Though I can't feel any pain and I never die, by the end of the dream blood is pouring from my face.
  • Sunday night: I dream a friend of mine is buried under the snow and ice and no one is doing anything about it. I go to survey the scene and realize he is alive but he doesn't have any legs and his arms are mangled and bloody. He doesn't want to live but I need to save him. I call 911 but can't get any help so I start digging him out myself. I save him but he is a horrible mess to say the least.

The last dream has disturbed me the most. Today I'm feeling really anxious and on edge and just want to go home and hide under blankets.

So, now it's your turn to tell me what the hell this means. And it doesn't mean that I produce a Crime based show because I've been producing the show for almost a year now and the dreams just started.


On a lighter, less disturbing note, at least once a week I arrive at work and find a message from my Dad apologizing for calling me at work again when he meant to call me at home.

You're funny Dad!


A. said...

Regarding sunday night: the night before Tricia told us about a guy who was trapped under the snow and died, perhaps it related to that?

notquiteawake said...

Oh yeah.....ok, that one is solved. Still disturbing and bothersome but solved none the less. Now do the other ones.

Schmutzie said...

Over the last few months, my mother has been showing up and making me throw out large amounts of socks while chastising me for my sock hording.

I don't know what any of this means.