Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things that annoy me(new!)

It's time once again for another installment of "Things that annoy me"!! Yay!! I'll bet you didn't think that there could actually be more things that annoy me, but there are. Many more things. Just you wait. Here goes:
  • People who own SUV's. Just because you are driving one of the biggest, most environmentally unfriendly vehicle types on the road, doesn't mean you're invincible. Unloading your SUV from the drivers side with your door wide open on a snow covered main street is not smart. I will hit you next time.
  • People who incorrectly use the word "literally" to emphasize an exaggeration as in, "There were literally 5000 people in my house last night". I know many people who do this and it drives me crazy. The word "literally" does actually have a meaning. It means that what you're saying is the literal truth. I don't understand why people think that it's ok to use it as an aid to exaggeration. It's like me saying "There are indisputably 50 men wanting to date me right now". It's just not true.
  • Noisy eaters. I'm surprised I haven't mentioned this before. This is probably my biggest pet peeve second only to people who talk with their mouth full. I do tend to talk with my mouth full from time to time so I can excuse it somewhat. I cannot excuse loud eaters however. Not only is it incredibly annoying but it often makes me physically ill. I've actually had to leave the room to avoid losing it on someone. Do you have to bite every nut in half?!! Nuts were made small enough to put the entire thing in your mouth!! That's how they were made! That's a nut's destiny! Put it in your mouth!! Not that that's happened or anything.
  • Old people who bud in line. Just because you're old doesn't mean you can cut to the front of the line. I know you know what's going on. I'm not fooled by your feigned obliviousness. Back of the bus ma'am.


Randal L. Schwartz said...

You'll enjoy reading http://literally.barelyfitz.com/ if you are as annoyed at "literally" as I am! You'll literally laugh your head off. Well, OK, no. :)

notquiteawake said...

That's a great website Randal! Thanks! I laughed but my head did not come off.

Tricia said...

It's a nut's destiny...hilarious! And it made me think...hmm, what other kinds of foods have a destiny? Food for thought. Pun intended.

erin said...


I literally say that a couple hundred times a week. I swear. Honest-to-goodness.

Crap. I guess it's not something I ever thought about when I continued my Valley-Girl speak into my 30's.

Terri said...

The food thing is completely and one hundred percent, the thing that annoys me the most! I can NOT handle it and I have left the room on numerous occasion and I have even lost it on people on more occassion. I know it's my pet peeve, but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!! Have some manners and respect for the people around you!

Now that it is Christmas we are getting a lot of goodies and treats sent to our office. Yeah, and they are all sitting by my desk... since it is in a central area people think this is a great place to leave food. Crunchy food like nuts, peanut brittle, and cookies. Chewy food like toffee, caramel and soft chocolates. Daily, I move all this stuff away from my desk... and somehow it makes it way back to my desk. I'm glad Christmas is almost over, just for this reason.

Sorry, I got into a bit of a rant.

Jack said...
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Jack said...

Yeah the food thing gets to me too!

I hate those people that try and chew their food silently. You see them struggling to keep the noise of celery within the confines of their mouth. These types of people never look happy chewing their food, more like stern librarians that smell something rotten.

When you're with a group of people who are enjoying food, chewing loudly, smacking lips they, the silent ones, always have a pained look and then excuse themselves and go off and eat all alone. I suspect it is because that with that style of eating you tend to absorb a lot of gas that is released from the food when chewing. It builds to the point where you need to release it. They go off and discreetly vent it in the nearest washroom.

I guess we should be grateful that they do it away from the rest of us who are enjoying our food.

notquiteawake said...

Jack, why do you always gotta be like that? Be nice.

may-b said...

My first thought was to see if I had eaten anything around you and to judge how loud it might have been.

Thanks for making me paranoid!!