Friday, January 4, 2008


Last night I went to go see the movie Juno with a friend. I was really excited. I love Michael Cera and the movie has already been nominated for many awards. We bought our tickets and were directed to "theatre 10 on your right". Theatre 10 was pretty empty, despite the fact that we were late, so we found a great seat and settled in.

Half way through the third action packed trailer, I started wondering whether or not we were in the right theatre. I'm assuming that most of you have heard about the movie Juno. It's not action packed. Or, at least, it doesn't look action packed from the trailers I've seen.

The movie started with a news story about curing cancer. My friend leaned over and whispered, "Are we in the right theatre?" "Does anyone else look confused?". No one did. Only us. Turns out the movie in theatre 10 was I am Legend.

Thinking we must be in the wrong theatre, we rushed out and checked the number outside. 10. We checked the number on our tickets. 10. What the f? We went to talk to the nervous looking kid taking the tickets. "Oh, Juno starts tomorrow", he said. Ok. Why were we sold tickets then? "I don't know". Ok.

We saw Sweeny Todd instead. It was good.


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that's a lot of calamity for one week.