Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I went for a couple of hearing tests this week. The first set went well but I had to go back yesterday for the last one because the 500 year old laptop that they were using as a home base crapped out. It was like, one of those laptops with the little read ball on the bottom of the keyboard that you use like a mouse. I'm surprised it lasted this long. But I digress. I went back in yesterday for my final test and apparently there is definitely something wrong with my left ear. (Really?) She shot some frequencies in both ears and one wouldn't register in my left. I don't actually know what that means because she didn't tell me and I didn't ask because I never learn, but something is wrong. I guess I"ll find out exactly what that is on the 20th. I hope I do anyways. I hope it's not just one of those, "Yeah, we don't really know but try spending a lot money on this stuff" kind of things.

On the sort of plus side we sold our house. I say "sort of plus" because I sort of went behind my realtor's back and sold it privately and now I feel horrible because my realtor is my friend and I shouldn't have done that and now he says I could have gotten way more money and the guy we sold it to is trying to take advantage of our ignorance and I know that's something you would expect a realtor to say but I really think he's right and I tried to explain that I was dealing with a lot this week what with the possible tumor and all and I just wanted to get it over with and I think he understands now but I still feel bad and it wasn't like I was doing it because I thought I would get more money because I didn't think that, I thought I would get as much money but not more, basically I just wanted it to be over. Longest sentence ever! Yes! So, we're going to look at houses tonight and normally I like looking at houses but I feel so bad it's kind of putting a damper on things. Plus I'm sick still. Bah.

AND I started my online class for Event Management on Thursday and by "start" I mean signed in to the website discussion board. I'm so busy right now that I haven't even started the assignment that's due on Monday. We have to write a 500 word essay on what quality we possess that would help us become a good Event Manager and then critique our partners' work. By Monday. Right. Most of the people are students or stay at home moms and they're all "OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS CLASS SO MUCH AND I'M SO EXCITED AND I'VE ALREADY READ ALL THE MATERIAL 5 TIMES AND FINISHED THE ASSIGNMENT AND WHO WANTS TO TRADE??!!!!" Did I mention that I haven't started? My partner is going to love me. One of the problems is that I think the reading material is really weak. It's very repetitive and there are actually grammatical errors and misused words. It's like they asked the janitor at Mount Royal if he could whip something up on his break. My favourite sentence so far is "Everyone is an Event Planner and everyone knows someone who is an Event Planner." Well ,which is it? Is everyone an event planner or does everyone know someone who is? I guess one could lead to the other but what an idiotic way of going about it. Anyways, the people seem nice and the instructor has stressed that this first class is really basic on purpose and the next ones will be more challenging. I hope so. Because I don't really need to learn what an event is and, for example, the first event I ever attended was my first birthday. Thanks. If I didn't know what an event was why would I take this course?

Ok, I'm done. Back to work.

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tee said...

If everyone is an event planner, and everyone knows an event planner than does everyone know everyone? I need a venn diagram. Perhaps your Event Planning course is really a logic class in disguise. If a tree falls in the forest is that an event? I'm confused.