Monday, April 7, 2008

People are stupid

I've been eagerly awaiting my new beautiful bed-in-a-bag and satin sheets that I ordered online to go with my beautiful new house. On my bed right now is an ugly brown comfortor which I ruined by washing in the machine and some ugly brown fleece sheets with visible lint. I fell in love with the new, online set after searching forever to find something that was both in my price range and unugly. It was a challenge I tell you.

Every day I check the Fedex tracking information to see where my new beautiful bedding is at. Every day I get more excited to receive it. Today I was delighted to see it said "delivered"! Delivered! That means I could be sleeping under it's beauty tonight!

I scrolled down to see where I was supposed to pick it up. The tracking information said "Signature not required. Left at door". What? Left at door? Really? Fedex would just leave a huge package full of bedding on my porch? That can't be right. I better phone to make sure someone accidentally typed that in. Because what kind of idiot company would make it their policy to just leave a large package on someone's open porch if they weren't home.

Apparently Fedex is that kind of idiot company. The nice lady told me that it's their policy to leave things at the door if they're under $100.00. First off, it wasn't under $100.00 and second off, what?

Of course it's not there. I don't live in the best area but, even if I did, how incredibly stupid is that? That's like me asking a homeless person to hold my wallet while I go into the grocery store. Well, where did he go? I asked him to hold it! If you can't trust a homeless person to hold your wallet who can you trust??!!

I'm a bit angry. And not even just angry, more incredulous that Fedex has a policy of leaving large packages on people's door step. I'm just going to keep repeating that until it makes sense.

Speaking of not making sense, can someone please tell me why people paint fire on their cars? Does it make their cars go faster? I'm thinking it must because it sure looks stupid. It's like when you were little and you'd buy new shoes and you'd say to your mom, "Watch me run, these are my new fast shoes!" But instead of new shoes it's a car with fire painted on it. And instead of being 6 you're 32.


may-b said...

I adore you. Will you be my friend?

notquiteawake said...

Yes, let's be friends!

Anonymous said...

Let's go punch FedEx in the groin.

ie said...

Maybe one of your neighbors took it in for safekeeping? Would that be in the realm of possibility?

notquiteawake said...

I was thinking of the neighbour thing but I don't really know my neighbours. And wouldn't they have left a note or something? Maybe they're waiting to see me come home...but I don't live there anymore so they'll be waiting a long time.

Hersh said...

oh was that fed-ex package yours?? lol

Schmutzie said...

I've had FedEx leave a couple of packages in the hallway outside my apartment door, and I find that unacceptable. I mean, really?! They should also put a sign on it that reads "Something brand new that was just purchased is in this box, and the person at this address isn't home, so while you're stealing this box, you might as well break into the house, too".