Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Plumbing the third

Yesterday I had the plumbers in again to not quite but almost fix my plumbing. There is still one more step apparently which will happen today, God willing. When the guy told me that it still had to be cleaned out one final time my whole body deflated a bit as I had thought I might actually get to live in my very own house just like a big girl. Sadly I was wrong. I asked him if there was a chance I could stay there and if I could use my shower and toilet maybe? He said I could probably use my shower but maybe not the toilet so much. What I'm wondering is, in what kind of world do these guys live in that using your toilet isn't a frequent occurrence? In my life, going to the bathroom happens usually quite a bit more than once a day. Sometimes even more than once a night! Do people exist who don't have to use their toilet for days at a time? Some kind of freak show robots who can live in a house where the toilet is out of commission? Is this possible?!! I don't think it is!! I really don't!!! So why are people telling me I can live in my house but I should try not to use my toilet?!! Why?!!!

Ok, I'm done. It's been a rough week.

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