Friday, June 6, 2008


My dog Rider has this new thing that he likes to do. It involves grabbing the end of the toilet paper with his mouth and running full speed into the back room. This is an especially fun game when I'm actually using the facilities and can't do anything about it but yell for him to come back. He generally doesn't.

He also likes to eat bugs. This started out as something funny as it was entertaining to watch him trying to bite ants off the cement. This morning however, I killed one of the many freakishly massive spider things that manage to sneak in the house while Rider is deciding which way he wants to exit the door this time and, while I went to get a Kleenex to pick it up, he ate it and I almost puked. I don't have any idea what these things are but apparently they are tasty.

Anything Rider can fit into his mouth, he will eat. He especially likes Kleenex, year old apples that have fallen from my tree, cherry pits, anything wood including bark, dirt, and wicker. I've tried to curb his appetite by giving him raw hide bones but as soon as they are remotely soft enough to swallow, down they go. Even if it's just one long strip of raw hide. The time my Mom had to pull a strip the length of him out of his mouth(and stomach)to prevent him from choking to death was the time I realized that my dog is only smart enough to eat things that are bite sized.

Last night he kept me awake all night chewing on his wool blanket. I am anxiously awaiting the day he poops out a sweater.

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