Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Start spreading the news

Yes, I know I haven't posted in a long time. Things are busy at work and that's when I usually try to sneak a post in. At the moment though, I'm really annoyed, so I'm going to post in hopes that it will calm me down a bit and prevent me from punching people. Or, maybe it will get me all riled up and I'll completely lose my mind with rage. We'll see.

Every once in a while I get so completely irritated with people that I have to close my door and hide in my office. The irritation is usually(usually)not even warrented which is why I hide. If I don't hide, I snap at people who don't really deserve it and then I feel bad. Actually, they mostly do deserve it but I still feel bad. Anyhoo, while I'm hiding, I will regale you with my recent adventures.

I went to New York. It was very great. I actually wanted to stay there and live forever but now I'm glad to be back. Sort of. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The first full day were were there we were stopped on the street and asked to be in the audience of a morning show. The guy said they were looking for "good looking" people to be in the audience and I inwardly rolled my eyes thinking that they likely say that to everyone they stop in order to convince them, but at the same time I also thought that I didn't care because I get to be in the audience of a morning show! Lie away my friend. You don't need to boost my ego to try to get me to be on TV. I also got to ask a pre-planned audience question. AND I got a free bottle of water. It was pretty sweet. The question was about air conditioning in case you wanted to know. New York was going through a heat wave while we were there and apparently it's a pretty hot topic. Get it? Hot? Funny.
  • That same day we got free Letterman tickets. We hadn't planned on going to any shows so it was a fun surprise. We sat 9 rows from the front and were on TV when the camera did a sweep of the audience. If you're counting, that's two times I've been on TV now. In New York. On TV. Two times.
  • Moving on....Central Park: Beautiful. I wanted to go for a run but, as I said before, there was a heat wave and I can't run in the heat because I'm a princess. Plus we walked everywhere so I got enough exercise thank you very much.
  • The Met: Very cool but huge. We wanted to go to as many museums/art galleries as possible because we had bought this expensive New York City pass and we wanted to get our money's worth(we didn't)so we only spent about an hour to an hour and a half in all of the places. You need at least two days to fully tour the Met. At least.
  • The Guggenheim: I don't understand modern art at all and I don't care enough about it to pretend I do. I mostly walked around the building alternately thinking "what the hell" and "my feet hurt". It was a very cool building though. It's worth it to go see the building.
  • The Museum of Natural History: Also a two day minimum for full enjoyment. I really loved this part of the trip. The displays were fantastic. I would definitely go back there and spend more time. I would definitely not go back there in summer however, as that's apparently when every kid in New York goes there. I have never seen so many kids in one place. And I never want to again.
  • The Sex and the City Tour: A 3 hour bus tour including show clips, shopping, Cosmopolitans and cupcakes. Awesome.
  • NBC tour: Pretty neat. We got to see the Conan O'Brien and the Saturday Night Live studios. They're much smaller than they look on TV.
  • Radio City Music Hall Tour: Cool place but really boring. I'm pretty sure our tour guide was a robot.
  • Dali Lama Riot: The Dali Lama spoke at Radio City Music Hall one night and I guess lots of people didn't really like that idea. Luckily we were safe and sound in a shoe store. When they locked the doors to prevent anyone coming in I had a brief moment of panic but then I realized that there are worse things than being locked inside a shoe store. So I bought shoes.
  • The food: Awesome.
  • The people: Busy but nice. It's a very big and very fast moving place. That's what I loved about it. I liked that everyone and everything was in constant motion. I liked that you couldn't just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and show someone the rash on your leg because people would get mad at you(not naming names).

In conclusion, I loved being there. I loved how giant everything was. I loved how there was always something cool going on. I loved the pride people showed in their city. It was so evident in everything they did. The city was also surprisingly very clean and safe(I was, however, only in Manhattan). I really want to go back. Soon. There is still so much more to see and do. I'd love to go back during Christmas and see the big Christmas tree and go skating in Rockefeller plaza. I'd like to go shopping in all the fancy stores and not dress like I just pulled up in my trailer so that they take me seriously. And by "take me seriously" I mean "humor me more convincingly". The best part about the trip is that I didn't expect to love it at all and I loved it more than any other place I've been. I can't wait to go back.


The DBA said...
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notquiteawake said...

I have an office. And a door.

Anonymous said...

Where did you stay in NY?

notquiteawake said...

I stayed at The Salisbury. It was a great hotel. Big and clean. We booked through Expedia and got a really good dea.