Monday, August 25, 2008

All growed up

Once upon a time there was a youngish, but not really, more like approaching middle age or at least feeling like it, woman. This woman, recently separated and, despite the fact that her husband had come from another country with nothing except the $1000 she gave him and the $5000 permanent residence visa that she also paid for, had just parted with $30,000 from the sale of their joint house that she financed and paid for because everything has to be fucking fair right? Even though it really isn't? Right. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, this woman, who had just separated and sold her house decided that she didn't want to live with her parents until the end of time because her life was pathetic enough already. So, she went out to look for another house.

Now, it was at this time that all the houses in the land were stupidly expensive because of the ridiculously inflated housing market so, once the woman found a house that wasn't a giant piece of shit, she jumped at the chance to make an offer with no conditions. This was ok though because the sellers realtor assured the woman and her realtor that her clients had been in the crawl space and there were only minor cracks which didn't appear to be a problem.

The woman decided to go ahead with her bid without getting a home inspection or checking it out herself. Why? Because she has a horribly naive sense of trust which has often screwed her over but she doesn't learn and also because she just really wanted to move on with her post-married life of one. Is that so wrong? The answer is yes.

Fast forward 5 months and about $10,000 worth of repairs later and this woman has a decision to make. Should she take the sellers to court, armed with a letter from their realtor saying that the sellers verbally stated the crawl space only had small insignificant cracks, pictures from the crawl of the actual VERY significant cracks and rotting duct work, and a letter from her contractor stating that the crawl space damage couldn't have possibly happened in the two months between purchase and inspection, or just let it go because she didn't get a home inspection or a property disclosure statement so she would just be wasting her time?

She really doesn't know.


a bit.


erin said...

ooooooooh! i have no advice but i am staying tuned because i really really hope she lives happily ever after!

Jodi - 35 and single (sigh) said...

Oh no Jamie, that's horrible.

Do they feel you could have a chance of winning if you do take them to court? Or is it a very horrible case for getting home inspections? If you have a likely chance it could be worth it but you also have to see who the others are. If they have nothing, you can't really win anything.
Good luck!!

May-B said...