Thursday, December 4, 2008

Piece of advice

If you ask someone for a job reference and they say no because it's against company policy, I advise you not to keep bugging them and asking if they would please give you a reference and why won't they give you a reference because you are so awesome and great?

I would imagine, if they really wanted to give you a reference, they would find some way to do so and, in saying no, they are probably saying you don't really deserve a good reference because you really didn't do that great of a job and mostly because you kept falling asleep at your desk.

Eventually what will likely happen is that they will say yes so you will quit BUGGING them already and probably give you the shittiest reference you have ever gotten.

Just sayin'.


LynnieC said...

So, you're not gonna give me a reference then? Is it because I smelled like an old man most of the time and came to work drunk once or twice?

If I could write in size 18 font right now, I would.

notquiteawake said...

No, it's because I watched you pound a beer on your lunch break right before you went back to work.
And it was your second beer.

Jack said...

i golfed with that guys dad. the dad seems nice.

erin said...


Anonymous said...

I remember that guy!!! I think, or is there more than one?? I hope not.

Someone I know once gave someone else I know that was very sucky the best reference ever as revenge on the company they both once worked for. She figured that the new company would never remember it was her that lied, they would associate the bad experience with the original company. She was probably right. Made me laugh.

notquiteawake said...

My friend and I once made a deal that should anyone phone either of us for a reference for a person we both hated we would give a glowing one just so she would leave. It worked too.

SUEB0B said...

Yes, I gave a shitty employee a great reference just to get rid of him. A few months later his new employer (someone I knew a little) called me to yell at me. Oops.