Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm so awesome sometimes it scares me

I had an interview at Starbucks today as my personal trainer job has not yet been set in stone so I thought it wise to have some sort of a backup and, hell, it's the second company who has called me for an interview out of about a million so I figured I'd give them the courtesy of showing up. And I thought there would be a good chance of me getting some free coffee. To be honest, the possibility of free coffee was the driving force.

I looked pretty fantastic in a pin-striped suit with a red blouse(do people still say blouse)underneath and some red heels. If the job was for looking fucking awesome I would have been hired on the spot. And then I looked in the mirror and thought, what...the...fuck? Am I wearing shoulder pads? And I was. And I didn't even know it. Granted, I've only worn this outfit a few times but I just bought this last year, not in the last decade. And, yes it was on sale but, come on, shoulder pads? Seriously? And I'm pretty much built like a linebacker so shoulder pads are one thing I do not need to complete my image.

I couldn't take them out so I still wore the suit and, despite the shoulder pads, I ROCKED the interview. I pretty much impressed the total crap out of her. I'm going to have a second interview with the GM next week. She said I would be good for a managerial position and I asked what they pay someone in a managerial position and she said starting wage is $10.25 and I said just because I'm wearing shoulder pads doesn't mean I will accept a wage from the early 80's. Or maybe I just thought that.

Anyways, I now have sort of a backup plan if I can potentially start at a higher position. Or I can work as a personal trainer and at Starbucks part time. Or I can live at my brother's forever and hang around the house in sweats all day. It's pretty win/win either way.

I didn't get a free coffee by the way but I did get one that I paid for. It was almost as good.


LynnieC said...

Could you imagine if you got the trainer job AND a part time Starbucks job?


notquiteawake said...

As lame as it sounds, I would totally be in heaven. Getting paid to work out and drink coffee?
I don't think life could get more awesome.

May-B said...

Seriously. I'm going to start looking for a job where I nap and watch TV. If your dream can come true, maybe mine will!!

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!