Wednesday, March 4, 2009


  • Remember the suck ass moving company? Well, I wrote a sternly worded letter of complaint and now they're compensating me for the time I waited, the time my brother and I both worked, and for my broken stuff even though I didn't buy insurance. So I guess they don't suck ass after all. See what a sternly written letter can do? Thanks mom.
  • Yesterday I freaked out a bit because the dog was bleeding on her back and I couldn't find where it was coming from. Turns out my nephew just dropped lasagna on her and left it there.
  • I had a job interview today for my dream job! Even though I've never wrote anything about it on here and most of my friends and family don't know, I've decided my dream job is to be a personal trainer. I would get paid for working out and learning about the body and nutrition and stuff which I'm really interested in. I was actually considering going back to school to be a personal trainer before I got into film. So there. What? I don't have any experience? That's the beauty part! They would train me! It's at the gym I go to and I would have to take a certification course or something and I probably would only be certified to personal train at my gym. I really didn't get that much information because it was only a phone interview and I still have to see if I get an "in person" interview. BUT AT LEAST IT'S SOMETHING AM I RIGHT?!! AM I RIGHT?!! Fuck. Finding a job is hard. Stupid recession jerks.
  • Here's something interesting: When you tell a 5 year old that you will read her a story tomorrow she will remember the next day. So don't try to make a deal with her because you don't want to read a story today so you SAY you will read her a story tomorrow but you don't really mean it. She will remember. And then you will feel bad for trying to con a 5 year old.


erin said...

who needs a job? maybe instead of movie reviews, you can make a living writing sternly written letters.

notquiteawake said...

I think I would really excell at that!

Wilma said...

I lurve sternly written letters. Puffy is convinced I'm now on a watch-list with MacLean's, the government, & Columbia House.

Anonymous said...

The lasagna on the dog is going to have me laughing for a while- that was great!

You are just damned funny- I think I'm going to follow you for a while.

notquiteawake said...

Thanks Imnotbenny! Welcome.