Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first day! For reals.

So, I started this post about 15 times and then erased everything 15 times because it was really boring every time and then I realized that there was really no way to make writing about my new job not boring so I'm just going to stop trying to be funny and/or entertaining and just tell it like it is.

I really like it so far.  I've only been there 4 days but it seems like it's going to be a great place to work.  It's a great company which is known for treating their employees really well and encouraging them to advance within the company and I've never actually experienced working at a company like that in my life so it's a pretty cool feeling.  I already have benefits and holidays and they pay for your schooling and the best part is I actually get paid for the whole 8 hours that I'm there which is quite a bit different from my last gig.  AND I get paid breaks.  Heaven.

Right now I'm training in a classroom and will be doing that for the next three months with weeks slotted in where we actually practice on the phones.  Then for the next three months I'm on my own but am still in the learning stage so there's not as much pressure.  Then I'm really on my own and have to reach the team goals and stuff.

So far, to me, the class stuff is pretty easy.   There's a lot to know but it's pretty much all right in front of you on the computer at all times, you just need to know where to look.  And I say "to me" because some people are really having a hard time getting the hang of it.  I predict they won't make it to the end.  My brother says there is always a small percentage of people who don't.

I'm still really tired though.  My body is not at all used to getting up at 5:45 am and it's also not used to working for 8 hours straight.  I'm hoping it will catch up sooner or later.  My hours will be changing when I start working on the phones which means both a later start and less traffic, both of which are good.  I'm not minding the commute so far though.  The traffic does get heavy at times but I kind of like the hour alone with my coffee in hand and CBC 2 on the radio.

My team is pretty awesome.  It's a good mix of men and women of all ages and ethnicities.  I'm making friends pretty fast.  The cool part is the huge building we work in houses many companies so the bottom concourse area is pretty much a mall and groups of us will go down and hang out on our breaks.  It's pretty fun.  It's weird coming from an all women's gym where I would only see women all day and then going to a place where I'm working with men and seeing them around all the time.  And by weird I mean awesome.  Mostly I just sit in the lobby, watch all the men go by and think, "Why on earth would I pick an all women's gym.  No wonder I'm single."

I've also decided that I'm not going to be posting much about work in the future as it is a bank and they have some pretty severe privacy laws which is understandable.  I really don't want to get fired so I figure the safest way is to just not post about anything.  We can't even have our cell phones on while we're there because with all the recording and picture taking technology it's pretty dangerous to have them near such sensitive information.  So, I guess my point is, despite this post being probably the driest post I've ever written, get your fill here because there won't be that much about my job from this point on unless it's really generic.  Or funny.

And there you go.  Short version:  So far, I like it.  If you made it all the way to this point I applaud you.  Hopefully once I get some sleep my posts will be more entertaining.  Or maybe I've had my run at it and this is what they're going to be like from now on.  Good lord I hope not.

P.S. Dorkvader gave me an awesome award meme the other day so I just wanted to let her know that I really appreciate it and I'm totally not ignoring her.  I'm just tired.  I'll for sure do it this weekend.  Thanks!


May-B said...

Dude. It was an all WOMAN'S gym? WTF? The whole point of being ATTRACTIVE and ACTIVE is to work in front of men. Not pudgy women with self esteem issues.

That's where *I* would go.

Amanda said...

Getting paid time off and vacation days make it worth it!

I know what you mean about posting about work. I work in a hospital so I have to be careful to keep it about my coworkers and fun stuff and nothing specific about patients. Privacy laws are necessary but not fun for blogging!

tee said...

Hooray you! Glad to hear things are going well!

dorkvader said...

Haha, take all the time you need. Heaven knows that it was miracle that I even saw the post about the award when I got it.