Friday, May 25, 2007

Serious things for once

Things I am pondering:

  • I am a lucky person. In the time span of one week one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer and one lost her baby. If the worst thing about my life right now is that my dog eats my furniture then I'm a very very lucky person. I am thinking that quite often these days.
  • Why is it that the majority of people complaining about gas prices in the news are complaining while filling up their SUV's? Does anyone else find this ironic? Perhaps if more people downsized their super-sized "family" vehicles, fuel consumption would decrease, prices would go down, and we could all look forward to a less-polluted future. Do you really need a hummer in a city of under 200,000? I don't think you do. And neither does Tricia.
  • I have gained 10 pounds in the last 6th months and I can't seem to lose it. I've always had a high metabolism so this is new. I have no idea what happened to make me gain the weight and I have tried everything to lose it. I exercise quite regularly and eat well. I've stopped eating candy...ok, not really stopped but slowed down quite a bit...and even, even, started putting milk in my coffee instead of cream which is disgusting but I do it. I walk to work almost everyday and I often walk home. It's a thirty minute walk. I walk fast. I go to the gym. I run. I play on two baseball teams. I never eat fast food and rarely eat junk food. Except chocolate(see above). What the hell. It wouldn't bother me so much but I've had to go out and buy new clothes and I can't afford new clothes. Thank God for the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Seriously, go there. It's awesome.
  • And what is even more unfair is that after gaining enough weight that my clothes don't fit my boobs are still the same size. Not funny cosmos, not funny at all.

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