Sunday, May 20, 2007

I was sitting in my car this morning watching a lady pick her nose. Ok, this happens sometimes. You think that no one can see you in your car so you do things that you wouldn't normally do in public. But, the thing is, this lady was in the passenger seat, talking to her husband. Now, there are certain things that I'm more comfortable doing in front of my husband that I wasn't before. But, I really hope that neither of us gets to the point where we feel comfortable enough to dig around in our noses while talking to each other. If I ever have to ask the question "So, find anything good in there?", I think that would be it. The next step would be moving the toilet into the living room.

At least we wouldn't miss any TV.


Tricia said...

I was out for dinner with some friends last weekend and we watched a couple sit at a table across from each other, pull out a book and read through their entire meal. At least if you discussed picking your noses you'd still be talking to each other. Watching that couple ignore each other for over an hour was pretty sad.

Jack said...

Pretty easy to be judgmental of others without knowing their background.

Maybe they had just finished a marathon sex session, cuddled and talked for hours and decided that they needed to regenerate by eating and reading a good book, which they will discuss thoroughly after eating.

Tricia said...

I'm totally judgmental, it's part of my appeal. If you do something weird or gross, like picking your nose, be on notice that I'm totally going to judge you. Feel free to do the same in return; if you see me with my finger up my nose in public, I would expect nothing less.

Jack said...

Oh, I am all for that kind of judgmentalism (I know that's not even a word). I was talking about the book readers. Pay attention! If you're going to judge at least judge correctly, you have been warned!

erin k said...

i came on here to comment, but i can't remember what i was going to say because i was distracted and thoroughly entertained by jack and tricia's exchange.

oh yeah, and that nose-picking story.

Anonymous said...

good way to lose weight.... I mean watching someone dine on nose nuggets would put me off food for awhile.

one of your sunday dinner peoples