Wednesday, August 1, 2007


It's playoff time everyone! How exciting! Both of my teams have made it to the playoffs and through the wonders of blogging I will take you along for the most incredible playoff journey of your lives. Until we lose. Which may be tomorrow. But what a ride until then hey!!!

Team #1: Queen City Softball League
We finished 6th out of 18 teams, our best standing ever.
We play the same team for the best of three games. Winner moves on. Loser goes home.
First game: Last night.
We won! And barely at that. We won by one run. We were ahead by 4 going into the bottom of the 7th but held them to 3 which included a home run. I made a fantastic catch in the bottom of the third which sort of made up for the fact that I missed everything else. My hitting also sucked. But, whatever, we won.
Next game: Wednesday, August 8th. Stay tuned!

Team #2: U of R campus Rec.
We finished 3rd out of, I don't know, let's say 100 teams.
Sudden death playoffs.
First game: July 30th.
We won!
The score was tied 2-2 until the bottom of the 6th when we literally put our rally caps on and scored about 12 runs. We held the other team to about 4 runs? I don't know. It was two days ago. We won anyways.
Next game: Tomorrow!

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