Friday, October 19, 2007

Taggy Tag!

I was tagged by my exact double so, because she is my exact double, I have to do what she says:

TO DO:List 5 things you do, did or like that some may consider “totally lame,” but that you are totally proud of. Tag 5 others:

  • I watch, and enjoy, the television show Reba. I think Van is hot.
  • I don't like people touching me when I sleep. Especially on my feet. If my husband moves to close to me I push him over or punch him. One time, his feet were touching mine and, because I know my behaviour is neurotic, I tried to just deal with it. I almost drove my self insane. Seriously.
  • I read Oprah magazine. And I like it.
  • I used to collect pigs and display them. I still have some on the shelves in my house and one in my office. I have a piglet(one version) that laughs when you pull a string that still makes me giggle. I'm almost 32.
  • I used to wish I lived in Riverdale with Archie and the gang.

The end!

I don't know very many people with blogs so I'm just going to tag Ky. Go Ky!

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