Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Holy shit everyone, Lost starts on Thursday. Lost! I'm excited. A real show with new episodes. And no one gets kicked off the show and we don't have to follow the life of some famous moron doing lame things and there's no singing and no dancing, and best of all, no auditions. Did I say I was excited?

You know what else is a good show? Private Practice. It's not on though due to the writers strike. Stupid writers strike. Ruining my TV watching enjoyment.

You know what is a good show that's actually on? Cashmere Mafia. It's really good. Sort of Sex in the City meets....I don't know...some show with really powerful business women. I enjoy it.

I love TV. I love it a lot.

Now, would you rather I didn't post for a long time or would you rather I posted useless posts like this?

It's a tough call I bet.

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