Tuesday, February 12, 2008


  • Is it pathetic that my parents are taking me out for supper on Valentines Day? No? Good.
  • Today, while cleaning the pee off my bedroom floor(dog pee, I haven't hit that point in my life yet), I realized that I was actually not obsessively scrubbing pee off the floor, but I was in fact scrubbing off some sort of floor finish. Now my floor looks like shit. And it's an ugly floor to begin with. I'm going to have to put a large plant or oddly placed rug over it when we start showing the house.
  • I just joined a book club! Now I'm officially a nerd. What makes me more of a nerd is that I'm really excited about it. I like nerds though.
  • Even though I'm separated from my husband and obviously have no prospects on the horizon, I would still like to get surprise flowers for Valentines Day. Someone get on that. But not my parents. Surprise Valentines Day Flowers from your parents is pretty much equal to a kick in the face. No offense.
  • Why can't I spell check anymore on my blog? Anyone?


tee said...

I'll tell you what...you send me flowers and I'll send you flowers and we'll both just act surprised...

may-b said...

I can't spell check either. I have no idea why. But I look much stupider now.