Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conversations with myself

Sometimes I think to myself:
"Hey! These pants feel pretty loose! You must have lost a bit of weight! Good job!"
And then a little part of me says:
"But didn't you deliberately buy those pants two sizes too big because none of your other pants fit?"
And then I say:
"Shhhhhhh....there's no need for talk like this"
And then I have a chocolate bar.


may-b said...

That is awesome. I may have to start doing that just to boost my self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I have that conversation all the time. It alternates between that and this one: "Did I gain more weight or did I put these pants in the dryer? My vote is the dryer." And then I eat another cookie.

notquiteawake said...

I also enjoy the dryer theory. I have many pairs of pants that just shrunk in the dryer one day after years of being ok. It's very odd.