Thursday, April 24, 2008

Living with my parents

As many of you know, I've had to live with my parents for the majority of the past three weeks. Now, let me just say, I am a very lucky person in that I get along with both of my parents really well. They're both great people and I love them very much. Really, if I wasn't 32 I probably would still be living there full time. It's a pretty sweet deal. I never have to cook and the meals are always top notch, I don't have to clean the house, they take care of my dog during the day, and there's always someone there to talk to. Come to think of it, who cares if I'm 32. Mom, Dad, I'm coming home!

No, really I'm not but it's good to have them there as an option if my toilet explodes or anything.

The best part about living there is that I got some good blogging material. My favourite moment happened on one of the colder days last week. This cold day of course happened two days after it was plus 30. That's why I love living here.

I left the house around 8:30 AM to go to work and soon realized that chipping ice off my car windows without gloves would not be a very good start to my day. Leaving my car running, I proceeded to walk back up the driveway with the intent on borrowing some gloves from my Mom. It was then that I noticed my Dad standing outside the back door in his pajamas. For some reason this didn't strike me as odd and I asked him if he had any gloves inside. He said no and continued to bang on the door.

"What are you doing?", I asked.

"The door's stuck", he said. "I'm locked outside". Then, of course, I started laughing.

"It's not funny", he said.

"Yes, yes it it is."

We jointly decided that my Mom was probably in the bathroom so my contribution to the cause was to ring the front doorbell because the front door was also locked. Then I remembered I had a key so I ran back to the car, grabbed the key, and unlocked the front door while my Dad continued banging. Surely my mom was out of the bathroom by now.

Not only was she out, but she had been out for a while.

"What's that banging?", she asked as I walked in.

"Mom. Dad's been locked outside in his pajamas for about 10 minutes. He's banging on the back door so you'll let him in!"

The best part about this was, while working in the kitchen, my Mom's thought process had to go something like, "I wonder what that banging is? Hm.", and then, rather than investigate what was making the noise, she decided to just continue on with her day. That's why I love her.

If I hadn't been there, my Dad still might have been outside.


erin said...

Can i tell you that i LOVE reading your blog, and you make me laugh (seriously out loud) quite often. i try really hard to comment, but i don't really have much to say except "LOL!" or whatever, and that gets tired.

So...keep up the regular posts. (even if they aren't funny) because i love reading about your life and even the ucky parts like toilets or ex-husbands or dog poop are cool because they are real and i like that you are authentically you.

notquiteawake said...

Erin, thank you so much! Although I like all comments, I especially like the nice ones. I'm really glad you enjoy reading it.

may-b said...

Your mom is my hero.