Friday, April 11, 2008


I called Roto-Rooter today to see when they were going to come in and give me a quote on my tree branch filled pipes.

Me: Hi, I'm just calling to see when someone was going to come in and give me a quote?

Roto-Rooter guy: Oh, ok. Can I have your name and address please?

Me: Sure, it's (my name and address)

RRG: Hm. We don't seem to have you in here. Are you sure it was us?

Me: Um, yes. I'm sure It was Roto-Rooter. I was there.

RRG: Because there is MR. Rooter as well.

Me: I'm pretty sure I know who I called.

RRG: Ok, because we don't have you in here. Do you have your invoice number?

Me: It's at home. Can't you just call the guy?

RRG: Well, that's the thing. We don't know which guy it was because we don't have you in here. Did you pay and everything?

Me: Well of course I paid.

RRG: And you're sure it was us?

Me:(sigh)Yes, I'm sure.

RRG: Well you'll have to get your invoice.

Me:(SIGH)Ok, I'll do that. (God! I can't believe those idiots lost my invoice. As if I don't know what plumbing company I called. What a bunch of morons)

Yeah, it was Mr. Rooter.


Anonymous said...

...hey it had the name Rooter in it...

and I can relate. the last time the plumbers were out they were mumbling about having to repipe out to the street (to the minor tune of $6k).


erin said...

pfffft. anyone could have screwed that up!

what i'm wondering is, how did the previous owner manage to flush tree branches down your toilet?

notquiteawake said...

I keep saying branches but I mean roots. I'm not sure why I keep saying branches....but I do.