Friday, August 15, 2008

Job Analogy..Metaphor? I don't know.

-Here is a puppy. This is your puppy. You are in charge of this puppy. This puppy is the most important thing in your life right now. Whatever you do, make sure your puppy survives.

-How do I feed the puppy?

-However you want. Use this money. Buy whatever food you want to feed the puppy.

-What about this food?

-No, that food is too expensive.

-Oh, ok. What about this food?

-No, we don't like that food. Well, the puppy looks really hungry.

-Check back with me in a couple of days.

-So, it's been a couple of days. Can I feed the puppy this food I found?

-You know what? How about we try not feeding the puppy at all.

-But the puppy will die.

-No it won't.

-Oh, ok.

-Don't let it die because it's your puppy.


-And you're responsible for it.


-Hows the puppy?

-I think it's dead.

-What do you mean it's dead?!

-You wouldn't let me feed it.

-What?!! I didn't say you couldn't feed it!! Why would I say that? You need to feed a puppy so that it continues to live!! How did this happen? Were you not trained properly on puppy care? just gave m-

-You failed. It's unfortunate but you are a failure.

-I'm sorry?

-Yes. You really should be.



regan said...

I think I like you more than friends.

notquiteawake said...

Hey, I'll takes what I can gets man.

notquiteawake said...
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Working From Home Today said...

Oh my god. I totally get that metaphor. Every heartbreaking, frustrating part of it.

Anonymous said...

bad flashbacks...bad flashbacks, make them go away....I feel for you my friend.

LynnieC said...

Blargh. I can punch people and not get fired. Let me know if you need me.

Lex said...

This sad little puppy story perfectly describes my day. Stupid puppy givers that don't let know how and what you are supposed to feed it!