Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lazy Crazy Days of Summer*

*or something.

I really really don't want summer to end. Really. I love summer so much. I love that I can be outdoors all the time. I love the sweltering heat that renders even the best of us immobile. I love playing summer sports. This year I started Ultimate Frisbee and I love it more than any sport I've ever played. There is so much running and I'm really not all that skilled but, at the end of a game, I just feel so good.

This week so far I've had both a Frisbee game and a ball game on Monday, a ball game on Tuesday, a ball game tonight and tomorrow night, and possibly a ball game on Friday(depending on how we do). On Saturday I have Frisbee playoffs which means three games for sure. And then there is the cabaret.

The thing is, I'm sitting here, my old lady hips and knees throbbing, my liver screaming for relief and the bags under my eyes threatening to burst, and I can't help thinking that I don't want any of this to end. My yard is a disaster, my house smells funny, and I think my dog has forgotten what I look like, but I love it. Maybe I'm just delirious with exhaustion. Or maybe I've hit my second wind. Maybe 30 is the new 20! Maybe I have reverted back to my 22 year old self. Most signs are pointing to yes at this point. I've even planned a snowboarding trip for New Years. And I can't even snowboard. Yet.

Feeling of impending doom of being old and alone - 0.
Me - 1.

Ha! Take that!

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