Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is the last day. I've known about his day for months and it has finally, sadly arrived. Today I am losing my right hand. I'm losing someone who has saved my ass at work too many times to count. Not only is she a hard worker, super anal and organized(just like me), very supportive, extremely nice and sweet(not like me at all) and very good at her job, but she is also a really great friend. Today is her last day at work and, as I write this on work time because I am a slacker, I am desperately hoping that no one comes into my office for fear that the tears welling up in my eyes will spill down my cheeks.

She was the first person who said hi to me in the halls when I came back to work after spending almost a year in Chile to find that I barely knew anyone in the office. We then went to a Sam Roberts concert together and quickly decided that we would be "concert buddies". We haven't been to a concert since.

When she took on the role of my assistant I was so pleased to find that there was someone else out there just like me minus the spaz. She did her job with a degree of skill and professionalism that is going to be very difficult(impossible) to match. I will likely drive more than one assistant away by constantly saying, "Can you please try to be more Lyn and less you? Thanks."

I will miss the endless pointless emails laced with curse words and slander. I will miss the office chats about nothing. I will miss the uncanny ability to not only understand my humour, but to also match it and take it one step further. I'll miss my partner in Crime(ha). I will miss hanging out. I will miss my friend.

I'll miss you Lyn.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss her too -- Lyn is a very good person and rocks at her job.


Anonymous said...

That was super sweet, Jamie.

LynnieC said...

And now I am crying. I'll miss you too! Love you lots, and I'm glad we're friends.

PS. Crime pun? Awesome.