Monday, November 17, 2008

The tale in which I stop watching TV and actually go out for an evening AND have fun

Since I stopped drinking I have become a lazy ass. I actually look forward to coming home from boxing on Friday nights and watching TV before I go to bed earlier than I would on a work night. I don't have the urge to go out and party it up in a drunken stupor anymore so I guess I figure I should do the exact opposite and regress into a TV watching blur of limited social interaction. And by "limited" I mean text messages and Facebook chats.

I did, however, go out on Saturday. AND I stayed out late. AND I had a really really good time!

The night started out with some inadvertent UFC watching. We had wanted to go Karaoke but apparently the usually deserted Karaoke establishment decided to drum up some business by airing the UFC on pay per view. Now, I'm not sure if I expressed this viewpoint before but I'm not a big fan of Ultimate Fighting. I think it's gay. Literally gay. Like, men grabbing each other and rolling around on the floor gay. And it's not because I am against homosexuals, because I am definitely not, it's just that you should go ahead and be proud of your homosexuality instead of just pretending that what you're doing is a sport.

I also think it's stupid, meaning I don't understand it(see previous post on math). None of my friends understood it either because, really, we were there for Karaoke and Karaoke and UFC draws entirely different crowds. In order to fully understand the sport(?) I had to ask many questions like; "What are the rules?" and "Are they allowed to bite?" and "Is there a tattoo quota or something?"and, most importantly, WHY ISN'T THIS FUCKING OVER YET?!"

Finally it ended. My friend, who had never watched UFC, now $10.00 richer after betting with a hard core fan basing her picks on which tattoos she liked best. Now we were ready to Karaoke our faces off. And Karaoke we did. And it was a blast.

I think the greatest lesson I learned that night was not that I should stop watching TV and go out more, but really that Love Shack should never be sung by two guys. Especially when one doesn't so much sing as yell and decides to do the last half in a high pitched falseto. Buddy, when your singing partner actually puts down the mic and leaves the room? That's your cue to stop.

The best part of the night actually was getting to see some fellow bloggers and friends who I hadn't seen for a while. Two of my favourite bloggers The Palinode and Schmutzie were there for one of their friend's birthday. The were equally unimpressed with the UFC I might add. I also got to meet Abigail's Road who is also a friend of theirs. I was introduced to her by Schmutzie who said she was a fan of my blog which is all the more flattering because I am also a fan of hers. And she seems like a really nice person so I hope to talk to her again sometime.

See? I do meet people when I go out and do stuff!

P.S. One more sleep until the New Kids on the Block concert! I will post soon after if I'm not too exhausted by all the mocking.


May-B said...

What's really funny is that I love UFC because it's gay! I make comments about them holding each other gently against the ropes or pinning each other with passion against the floor. It makes The Guy insane and is really my only joy.

Congrats on going out!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Jealous you met Abigail Road though!!

courtney said...

Good for you for going out and having a great time. Karaoke is awesome... not that you'll ever catch me on stage. I just like to watch everybody else do it!

Schmutzie said...

UFC sure does invite in a different crowd. I was at the bar buying a bottle of beer when this guy fell over flat on his face behind me. He didn't even bend or anything. He just went over like log. Judging by his nose, this happens to him a lot.

notquiteawake said...

That is so bizarre. And what's even more bizarre is that I've actually seen that happen more than once.