Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All by myself*

In what reality is it ok for a high school teacher to start a relationship with a student? Every time I read something in the newspaper about a teacher being charged for being in a sexual relationship with one of his/her students I can't help but think what the fuck is so wrong with this person that they just look past extreme social repercussions and joblessness, not to mention the blatant moral issues, to have sex with someone who is more than half their age but also, for all intents and purposes, still a child**. A child who has likely not even fully developed yet so, really, where is the fun in that?

Most of those who are caught say that it "wasn't about the sex" and that they "formed a connection". Really? What did you form a connection over? Did you help them with their social studies homework? Did you compare wallet chains? Did you console him when he told you his stupid jerk parents grounded him off video games because he got a D on his math test?

Now, maybe I'm being biased because I find teenagers EXTREMELY annoying, but I just can't see where the attraction comes from. And you can tell me that the teacher was probably really insecure or lonely and she just needed someone to love her or whatever but you know what? I'm really insecure AND lonely and I would sooner punch my Grandma than be in a relationship with a teenager.

When I was in high school, that's all life was. Just high school. I couldn't even imagine that there was actually life outside homework and forced gym and wishing so hard that I was popular but quite clearly wasn't. I thought I would be painfully shy forever and never have a boyfriend. If you had told me how much I would change in 15 years or even in one year I wouldn't have believed you.

Which is my point I guess. Someone who has only been out of high school for one year is, in most cases, so far away maturity-wise from someone who still is in high school(and I say"in most cases" because I still know people who seemed to have never left high school behind) that it seems so bizarre to me that a teacher/student relationship could actually happen.

And don't call me a hypocrite because I met my husband while teaching him English, because we were in our late 20's.

And it ended badly.

So I win anyways. Winner!

*Whoever gets the title reference gets a prize!
**Longest sentence ever!


May-B said...

I'm going with "Bridget Jones". Singing to a spoon in her pajamas. Right?

Hildy said...

Nicole Kidman in "To Die For". What do I get?

notquiteawake said...

Hildy wins!!!!
I don't know yet.
But Hildy wins!!!!

Becca said...

My highschool music teacher (who was fat and short and gross) married a student in my class...she was younger than all but one of his kids (who, intelligently, all refused to attend the wedding)

Billie Rock said...

What I'd like to know is how does that relationship start? Do you think it starts with the kid hitting on the teacher. I freakin doubt it. I have no problem with age differences but kids are kids. General guideline... if one party is living at home with mom and dad and the other isn't... it just ain't right.

notquiteawake said...

Becca: That is so bizarre.
Billie: I totally agree with you. At a certain point, age doesn't matter as much. A 10 year difference when you're 16 however, is just not something that I really understand. I would honestly like to hear from someone who could explain it to me because, as much as I disagree with it, it happens all the time! It must happen for a reason.