Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas and junk

I would like to begin this post with FUCK IT'S COLD HERE! -47 with windchill! Why do people live here?!

Thank you.

So, I guess God/Mother Nature/Santa doesn't like Christmas this year because he/she is making it so cold and shitty that everyone who is flying anywhere in North America is being delayed and having to spend a good portion of their holidays in airports.

My mom, dad and I are supposed to be flying out tonight to Toronto so we can spend Christmas with my brother and his family for the first time since they moved away three years ago. So far, my obsessive checking has revealed the flight to be delayed only 45 minutes but it's not supposed to leave for another 4 hours so that's not very promising.

My mom still wants to arrive at the airport 2 hours early though because WHAT IF WE CAN'T SIT TOGETHER?!!! Well mom, if we do happen to be split apart during the 3 hour flight and you think of something important that you need to talk about, write it down. You can bring it up anytime during the FOUR ENTIRE DAYS we will be spending together.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Wilma said...

Have a good trip, um, you know, if you ever get on your trip!