Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What I did for my Christmas Vacation Part 1!

As I explained a couple of posts back, my mom is slightly neurotic and, despite the fact that our plane was set to leave 45 minutes late, we arrived at the airport 3 hours early. I wanted to have a bite to eat as I hadn't eaten supper, but my mom was so anxious to get through the security line which wasn't a line at all, that I pretty much had to inhale a sandwich and almost died. No, I didn't almost die but it was a good thing we got there early because I guess having a drill bit in your purse doesn't go over very well with the airport security. I learned this after they scanned my bag 25 times and then after that got the most polite pat down I've ever experienced. It was almost as if they were scared to touch my hair clip for fear it was a bomb. Buddy, if you think I have a bomb in my hair you better get in there and get it the the fuck out. Oh, and why did I have a drill bit in my purse? I don't know. And guess what? It was definitely not funny at the time.

And here's another shout out to my best friends Air Canada: if you had to choose to lose a bag that belonged to any of my family members in the whole world, the last person's bag you should have chosen would be my mom's.( I am sure this sentence is not at all grammatically correct but I've tried it many different ways and I'm sure you get the gist so just get over it and move on.) Seriously. Have you met her? You could have picked me. You could have picked my dad. But you picked my mom. Thanks for that. And while I was waiting in the longest line ever in the middle of the war zone of hundreds and hundreds of lost luggages(yes that's a word)and happened to pick up snippets of conversations about pieces of luggage that made it to their destinations while their owners did not, and planes that weren't even loaded at all, I thought to myself that I had never actually seen anything like this and if I could actually be heard over all the screaming and crying and my poor mom trying so hard not to lose her shit I would yell out my thanks for being such a stand up airline and probably ruining about 75% of your customer's Christmases and for not once in the whole time apologizing or taking accountability for being so incredibly inept. I realize that you can't help the weather and delays are inevitable in order to be safe but to lose so many people's luggage and to actually not even load an entire plane and then not ever one time apologize or take any responsibility? That takes some guts man. Way to be strong! Don't back down to tears! Say NO to customer service!
Christmas is for suckers anyways.

Stay tuned for more parts!


Anonymous said...

Dude. AirCanada was a GONG show this year. GONG.

Also, they gave me the creepy pat down, too. The touched my hair and patted my head. Then they got me to sit on a chair, take off my boots, and stick my feet in the air.

I felt so dirty.

notquiteawake said...

Really, it's the most action I'd gotten in a long time so I guess I should be greatful?

Wilma said...

My friend calls it "Air Carnage" with good reason.

notquiteawake said...

I hope I get assholes commenting about how awesome Air Canada is like what happened last time I blogged a negative Air Canada Post. Guess what assholes, Air Canada is not awesome.