Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well I'm here

I've arrived at my new life in Ontario safe and sound. So far so good. Everyone keeps asking me if it's registered that I'm living here yet and, really, it just feels normal. It feels like I should be here. Not once in this whole process has it felt wrong or scary or HOLY SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE. I think that's good.

The trip down was great. I haven't been very many places in the States so everything was new and exciting for me. Probably my favourite part was Wisconsin because I love cheese. We even went to a cheese chalet! It was pretty awesome. I have a picture of me in front of a giant cow. The only picture I took or had taken during the whole trip. I`m sort of a freakshow.

Fargo was first and we stayed in the biggest hotel in the world I'm sure. It was probably about 6 city blocks, no joke. In the center was a huge pool with a pirate ship. Guess what that means? Many many children. All running around like freakin' lunatics. My friend and I sat in the hot tub for about 10 minutes until the temptation to dunk the kids putting foam on their faces and pretending they had beards got to be too much. I had the best foam beard anyways.

Then came the Wisconsin hotel which smelled like old man, and then Flint Michigan. Before Flint we drove through Chicago which was cool and slightly frightening. My friend wanted to try out a Dunkin' Donuts and the one he picked was apparently in the hood. We stopped for gas and there was bullet proof glass around the counter. The bathroom didn't have a lock. Probably the fastest I've ever peed. We were blocked in so we had to wait in our car for some gang members to come out of the gas station. As a joke, I asked my friend if I should honk and he almost had a stroke. Some people just don't get my humour.

Oh yeah, and we stopped in Minneapolis and walked around the Mall of America for about an hour. Pretty big.

Now I'm here and I've unpacked and done laundry and bought groceries and applied for jobs. I really miss my family and friends but it doesn't seem weird. It's just normal. Which is weird I guess.

I love that I will get to greet my nephew every day when he comes home from school. I love that I will get to read my niece a book every night before she goes to bed. I love seeing my brother and talking to him every day. I love that my sister-in-law and I have the exact same taste in TV.

It couldn't be going better.

(Except the not working or making money part.)
(Yeah, a job would be cool.)


farleycat said...

I'm glad you haven't joined any gangs yet.

May-B said...

I would have LOVED to see his face when you suggested that. Awesome.

Glad you're there safe and sound!!

LynnieC said...

Holy crap, I LOVE making foam beards!!! I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I miss you lots!

notquiteawake said...

I didn't say I hadn't joined a gang....

Anonymous said...

I'm pumped that you made it and that you're enjoying it there. Best of luck with finding a job.

tee said...

Boy, I sure wish my friend living in the big city would regale me with some of her adventures...or even the mundane details of her everyday...sigh.