Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doing it online part 2

Because of all your positive comments, I've almost probably decided that I might for sure maybe try online dating again.  If anything I would have funny/creepy things to post about and maybe find someone to hang out with although I JUST JOINED A BALL TEAM!!! so I'm obviously very excited about that.  

I was already feeling sad that I wouldn't be playing this year, when my new roomie and now awesome friend, asked if I played baseball and would I be interested in joining her husband's slow pitch team because they need girls and I said FUCK YEAH or maybe just ok, but either way I JUST JOINED A BALL TEAM and I'm very happy about it.  What was my point?  Oh yeah, I already have some people to hang out with but maybe I'll find some MORE people to hang out with via online dating.  Or maybe I'll just get another 18 year old telling me he "really has a way with older women if you know what I mean".  Gross.

As a side note, my roommate, who is awesome, did I say that already? just came in and got me to pull a tarot card because she's really into things like that which I think is very cool, and I had to ask a question and, seeing as I was just writing this post, I asked if I should try online dating and I pulled the Celebration Card which is all about new beginnings and tending to your dream garden and stuff so there's my answer!  I'm doing it man. LET'S DO THIS!

Ok, so I was thinking this time, I'm going to change my picture.  Last time, I posted a picture of myself that I thought was one of my better pictures.  I was all dressed up for an awards ceremony and I had actually done my hair that day, put make up on, was wearing a dress, you know, looked more like a girl then I normally do BUT that's not how I look all the time.  

What I really don't like about online dating sites is decisions to contact another person are primarily made based on what they look like.  Most people will post a jazzed up picture of themselves looking all hot and stuff to attract members of the opposite sex because there is a good chance, if they like what you look like, they won't even read your bio and find out you're totally a transvestite or whatever. (Note: I am not a transvestite.)  And then, when you actually meet the person you find out, in real life, they sort of look like a troll and that Photoshop really has come a long way.

Basically, I don't want someone to contact me based on their impression of the jazzed up me.  I want someone to contact me based on the fact that I seem like an interesting person.  So, this time, I'm going to post a picture that more represents the every day me.  The me with my hair pulled back, very little make up and yoga pants.  Ok, I might jazz it up a little, I don't want to frighten anyone.

I would like to get your thoughts one this so here is the picture that I used for my first online dating experience:

And here is the one (not jazzed up) that I'm going to use this time:

What do you think?


tee said...

I think your "jazzed" up picture looks pretty much like the everyday you...and that no one uses the expression "jazzed up" since it's not 1990 anymore...but whatever.

notquiteawake said...

Oh, didn't I tell you I'm bringing "jazzed up" back? I totally am. And also, "rad" as in, "the saying jazzed up is so rad."

Billie Rock said...

You clean up well!! Like better than anyone, ever.

Becca said...

oh go with the natural look for sure

erin said...

you have AMAZING hair! How does it go all..."just stepped out of the salon" like that?


farleycat said...

Yay to you for joining a ball team! That's great news. I love the obvious wig in the real you photo, honestly it looks like you're wearing a hard hat made of hair.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap I think I just hurt myself laughing.

So they're both pretty hot pics, but you might want to go with the first one- that second one will only net you guys who want to get you in the sack, and that's just not cool at all.