Friday, June 5, 2009

Hemp milk is gross.

Last night I gave my blog address to a client/friend from my gym and she phoned me shortly after I got home laughing so hard she couldn't talk.  It's a good thing I have call display because I would have at first thought it was one of those heavy breather prank callers and I would have went to hang up but then I would have realized that, really, this was the closest thing to action I had seen in a very long time so I would have probably stayed on the line and asked if the guy wanted to go for coffee or something.  Anyways, what I finally managed to get out of her, after she contained herself for longer than 3 or 4 seconds, was that she likes my blog and thinks it's funny so that made me happy because I think she is funny as well.

Also, I forgot to post a few things in my past update post and those things are the following:

1) I've decided to stop running.  My old lady knees unfortunately can't take it anymore and it was either stop running or stop standing and, because my job is about 99% standing, I chose the former.  It's kind of sad because I really like running but I might just run on the treadmill and see what happens.   And I'll finish my running group which ends at the end of the month and run the 5K with them in July so, really, I haven't actually stopped running but I WILL stop.  Soon. 

2)I got an email the other day from my renters with the subject line "NEED A PLUMBER" and I thought to myself, "why would they need a plumber," and then I was like, FUCK I forgot to tell them to get the sewage lines cleaned every 4 months or else they won't be able to use their toilet and they will end up with shit in their bathtub and all over their walls.  And that was exactly why.  They still are planning on renting to own my house though which means I will get an extra $400.00 in my pocket for two years until they get a mortgage.  All I have to say to that is THANK GOD  and also SUCKERS.

3)I have two dates this weekend!  I don't think I have ever said those 6 words in my entire life.  But I do!  Two dates.  One weekend.  If I'm not married by the end of next week there is something seriously wrong.  Eharmony says that you're supposed to tell someone when you go on a date just so they know where you are so I'm telling all of you guys.  I'm going on one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  We're going out for coffee.   In Ontario.  So there you go.  Now you know.  If I don't blog about it by Tuesday at the latest then I'm likely dead and you should probably tell someone.

Also, hemp milk is gross.


May-B said...

I too have old lady joints. I have been standing for 2 hours while I pack and now everything hurts. If I was normally active, this would suck, but as I am not, it does not change things for me. That was a lot of commas.

Try not to get killed on the weekend. Good luck!!

May-B said...

That made it sound like it's really hard not to want to kill you. And that's not true.

notquiteawake said...

Thank you for clarifiying May-B.