Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hiking: In pictures

So, if you are one of the many many people who read my last post and were picturing me in the beautiful scenery of the place that I linked to, then you will have to go back and erase those memories because we went to to a different place. It was also very beautiful though so it's ok. I am in none of these pictures by the way.

This is some dude from the outdoor club. He and I stuck mostly to the front with the leader.

Every once in a while we had to climb over these ladder things to get into other areas. This photo is a great example of why I don't take pictures for a living because, in real life, it was not actually nighttime on one side of the ladder and daytime on the other.

There were lots of cool bridges over streams. And it was very hot. So every time we went over a stream someone said something about jumping in and swimming HAHAHAHAHA. Funny.

Here is one of many hills that we climbed up and down. It doesn't look very steep in the picture but they were usually quite the climb. You might notice from all the fun hats that most of the people in the group were of retirement age. They were all very nice people but I think I might look for another group with members closer to my age. Although it was refreshing to be the youngest one in the group.

This was the field in which we ate lunch. On the ground. It was very rugged. At the beginning the leader told us that the rule was if you had to go to the bathroom you had to put your backpack down on the path before you went into the bush so that someone knew you were there and you wouldn't be left behind and I was like, "What? Bush? Is that were they keep the bathrooms and hand sanitizer?" Apparently no.

This is just pretty.

At one point, when I was in the middle of the group, we stopped for a break and a guy in the back yelled to the guy at the front that he must have stepped on a wasps nest or something because everyone behind me got stung and the guy in front was like, yeah, everyone in the front got stung too and he himself got stung SIX TIMES and I was wondering where the hell I was when this happened because I didn't even see any wasps so I guess I was pretty lucky unless I had actually blacked out because that's kind of scary. I felt kind of bad for the guy who got stung SIX TIMES but I more felt sorry for everyone else because he would not shut up about it for the rest of the hike and just kept saying over and over again how he got stung SIX TIMES and how his LEGS WERE ON FIRE and, lucky me, we got to sit together on the bus there AND back and every so often, while he was telling me about how he got stung SIX TIMES he would take a quick peek down my shirt. It was awesome.

This is my artsy shot. And by artsy I mean blurry.

So, that's about it. We hiked for about 4.5 hours which, according to the leader, if we accounted for all the hills, was about 15 or so kilometers which I guess is why my knees and hips still hurt today. I had an awesome time though and can't wait to go on my next one. The places to hike around here are beautiful which is yet another reason why I love living here.

In other news, this coming weekend I'm attending a huge fitness conference and trade show in Toronto which is going to be pretty sweet. I'm attending tonnes of workshops and conferences and, from what I hear the whole place is packed full of fit people from all over Canada and the U.S who love fitness and having fun. Saturday night is capped off with a big gala which my company is hosting and apparently everyone just gets loaded and has sex. So, if you're in the area and want to say hi, I will be the only sober one who is likely not having sex for that reason. I should be pretty easy to find.


May-B said...

My hips and knees hurt just thinking about it!

Wanderer said...

That looks awesome, it's so pretty!

Maybe you will find a fit, sober non-sex-having guy to not have sex with while you're there. They're all so super, uber fit so they wouldn't want to pollute their temples with evil alcohol and unknown secretions from strangers.

Ah, you rarely get to use the word secretions in a sentence... se-cre-tions

Anonymous said...

The wasp story is still awesome the second time through.