Saturday, August 15, 2009


So, today while vacuuming, I started to wonder why my vacuum wasn't really picking up as much as it should so I turned over the brush picker upper thing and it turns out that it wasn't picking up as much as it should not because it cost me all of $50.00, no, it wasn't picking up as much as it should because there was AN ENTIRE HEAD OF HAIR wrapped around the brush. I'm beginning to think that my life is just a series of really disgusting events pieced together and I'm really excited to see what the next one is going to be. Judging from the insane amount of flies in my house and the fact that I can't figure out where they're coming from, I'm going to guess that the next event is going to be me finding a maggot farm in my mattress or something. Cross your fingers.

** ** **

Oh good, someone just started smoking a cigar outside. That makes things better.

** ** **

So, I bought some socks yesterday, which is pretty indicative of the insanity with which my weekend is filled, and I noticed once I got home that they came in a resealable bag. Why would one want socks in a resealable bag do you suppose? For what purpose could a resealable bag possibly come in handy here? I guess, if I didn't want to use all the socks, I could just take out a pair at a time, seal up the bag and put them in the freezer to ensure they stay fresh. What? Help me out here.

** ** **

So, this whole Bloggess/William Shatner/Twitter thing has gotten a bit out of control no? I mean, I love The Bloggess because she's hilarious and makes me laugh out loud every time I read her posts, but I also love William Shatner and also maybe a little more because, for one thing, he's Canadian and, for another, DENNY CRANE you guys. And let's just step back here for a minute, past all the hilarity, and just for a second remember that William Shatner is a celebrity and, on occasion, celebrities have been stalked and even killed by super crazies and I'm obviously not in any way saying that The Bloggess is a super crazy because I'm pretty sure she's not, but I sort of don't really blame William Shatner at all for the blocking. Sorry. I'm just saying.

** ** **

So, tomorrow I'm going on a super awesome hike and I'm planning on taking my camera and posting the pictures when I get back. This is all contingent however on me remembering to bring my camera. And also me actually posting the pictures. Remember the time I went to New York and I said I'd blog and post pictures every day and then I didn't? Yeah, good times. Here's a link to where I'm going just in case. Just picture me standing or sitting in one of the pictures on this website. That's pretty much the same thing. And if you don't know me, or forget what I look like, you can use this. Either picture is fine.


LynnieC said...

So with you on The Bloggess/Shatner situation. Bron and I were talking about it today, and she's really funny but if i knew her in person I would probably need to punch her at least 8 times a day.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Most of the people who know me in person only punch me three times a day.

But they probably *want* to punch me more than that.

I see your point.

LynnieC said...

Ha! I'm glad you're cool with it. I'm sure I'd probably want to give you high fives, like, 40 times a day, so that makes up for it. And the punching is probably just jealousy because William Shatner at least KNOWS who you are.