Friday, August 14, 2009

In the midnight hour

So, apparently when you stay up past midnight and you're reading blogs on your laptop because you just came home from dinner and a movie and you can't get enough of your new ergonomic mouse and bean bag wrist rest, you can see out of the corner of your eye all the giant centipedes that only come out at night but you can't find them because they are also wicked fast but then you do find one and you grab some toilet paper and you sneak up under the table and you squish the crap out of it but then you realize that, even though you squished it, it's detached legs are still moving and as you lift the toilet paper off it in shock you see that the half of the body that you didn't pick up in the wad of toilet paper is still moving as well and you have to actually force back a genuine scream so as not to wake your neighbors, even though they really never sleep, and the scream comes out as a long sort of suffocated squeal which is really an oddity in itself because you never scream at shit like that because you're not a fucking 10 year old girl for christ's sake, and then you realize that if this is the way the after midnight game is played then you really don't want to be a part of that business thank you very much.



Schmutzie said...

Did I tell you I nearly ate a maggot recently? Yeah.

You have giant centipedes? Very cool. Except for the creepy post mortem death struggle thing at midnight thing.

Lindzle said...

if i had known it was going to cause this kind of trauma, i would have picked an earlier movie...