Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The top 15 things I learned in 2009.

Pay attention, this shit is golden.
  1. It's never too late to start over.
  2. Don't change yourself for someone else.  If the person you're dating or want to date or possibly your husband, doesn't like you for who you are that's their stupid problem.
  3. The only shame in failing is when you stop trying.
  4. Give second chances.  And sometimes third.
  5. Slow down.  Think things through.  Check in with yourself from time to time and ask if this is really the direction you want to be going at warp speed.
  6. You have to be happy being by yourself before you can be happy being with someone else.
  7. Listen to yourself before you listen to other people.
  8. You can't go back and change yesterday.  You can't go forward and change tomorrow.  Focus on living today.
  9. Be patient.
  10. Money doesn't buy happiness.  But it sure helps.
  11. No matter how much you think you know, you can always learn more.
  12. The importance of family means different things to different people.
  13. People aren't necessarily interested in you telling them the nutritional value of the food they're currently eating.
  14. It takes a lot of hard work but fitting into an old pair of pants isn't impossible.
  15. No one ever misses Saskatchewan because of the weather.
You're welcome.

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May-B said...

Damn good list. And totally true. Except the part about the old pants. I don't buy it.