Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zumba, Avatar and anti-aging.

In the change room at the gym I work at there were these free samples for this anti-aging super regimen facial thing so I thought that seeing as I like free things and would also like to anti-age, I'd give it a shot.  I tried it this morning.  First you wash your face with this cream cleanser stuff and then you put on a "serum" and then, after the "serum" you put on a "tonic" and then a "revitalizing mosituriser" and then, finally, some "repairing eye cream" and as I was putting on the 3rd thing I was thinking, "Who on earth has time to do this every morning" and then I thought "And who can really afford to buy 4 separate facial products JUST for the morning?(There was an evening regimen too) and then finally I thought,  "Does the burning mean it's working?" because it sort of felt like there was acid on my face.  I'm pretty sure at the end I didn't look so much "youthful" as "greasy".  I don't think I'm going to purchase any.  Free sample fail.

**  **  **

This morning I went to my first Zumba class.  For those who don't know, Zumba is sort of a Latin dance type fitness class and apparently all the rage.  I may have mentioned this before but I'm not the most coordinated or graceful person in the world and I had fully expected to come back with some awesome story of me falling on my face or curling up in the fetal position in the corner but, actually, I didn't do that bad.  And it was really fun.  So....sorry about that.

**  **  **

I have two more weeks left in my career as a personal trainer and I have to say I'm not all that disappointed.  I really do like doing it and I'll miss all of my clients, but I'm glad to be moving on.  Although conversations like this almost make me want to stay:

Me: Relax your shoulders.
Client:  I am.
Me: Relax your shoulder.
Client: I AM.
Me: You're not.
Client: Well, I can't.
Me: Yes you can.  Because when I touch your shoulders they go down.
Client: That's fear.

I always think that people shouldn't post conversations because they're never as funny as the people who had the conversation think but, whatever.  I'M TRYING MY BEST.

**  **  **

I went to Avatar last night and, never having been to a 3-D movie before, I spent the first half an hour jumping back in my seat and saying OH MY GOD THAT'S SO COOL much to the delight of the people around me I'm sure.  And then I took my 3-D glasses off to see what it would look like without the glasses and then I put them back on.  And then I took them off.  And then put them on.  And then I got a bit nauseous.  And then I looked around to see if anyone else was taking off their glasses and putting them back on but no one was.  And then I watched the man sit with his kid on the floor until he realized that was stupid.  And then I turned around and gave the people who came in late and wondered why there were no seats dirty looks.  And then I took my glasses off.  And then I put them back on.  And then I pondered whether or not I had seen anything this cool before.  And then I determined that I hadn't.  And then I turned to my friend and said that I totally thought this was worth $15.00 because it was so awesome and she was like, "Would you put your fucking glasses back on and sit still?  What are you, four?"  So then I watched the movie.  Apparently there was also a story or something but for some reason I didn't quite catch it.

So, in conclusion, go see Avatar.  But maybe take a Gravol.

The end.


May-B said...

I know better than to see Avatar. That stuff makes me so dizzy.

Also, fear is funny. I mean, in that context...

Working From Home Today said...

I love your... I honestly can't think of the word. Come on, coffee, do your thing! Sigh. The picture thingy at the top of your blog. Sheesh.

And if I didn't post conversations, I wouldn't have a blog. Some days all I have to post is "took care of dog's anal glands today". Conversations are better. Plus, it's like my memory box. (and clearly I need one)

Also, you are funny. I love reading your blog.

Amanda said...

I was given this "skin regimen" system by a friend, who has it delivered to her monthly and hadn't used last month's supply yet. I thought I'd try it but it was so complicated that I gave up. So I think a lot of those systems don't' really work, they just want your money! I love reading people's underestimate how funny other people's ridiculousness can be! :)

notquiteawake said...

Working: May-B made my banner. She's very talented and awesome.

Everyone else: Thanks for your conversation support! I may be posting more in the future. I have a feeling that working at a call center will generate a few good ones.