Friday, February 26, 2010

"Things I want to do before I'm 35" #28 - Go on a date.

Remember that time when I was like, "I'm totally joining eharmony again!" but I was joking because I had said previous that I would never join eharmony again?  Yeah, good times.  So, I totally joined eharmony again.  But it's for a good reason so STOP JUDGING ME.  Well, maybe it's not for a good reason, but it's for a reason.  And the reason is this:  Getting dumped two days after New Years after eating your awesome New Years dinner for two by yourself really sort of sucks and also makes you think that if you don't do something immediately to attempt to put yourself in control of something again then you may just get to the point where you are not in control of anything.  Ever.  So I joined eharmony for a month.

And also, when I had joined it the first time I had really liked a guy that I already knew but I never posted about it because it was a secret I guess, but whenever I talked to an eharmony guy or went on a date or whatever, I always had the guy I really liked in the back of my mind so, in theory, I didn't really give eharmony a fair chance.

But now I do not really like that other guy because after convincing me that we should be together, he then decided that we should actually not be together.  And then when he asked if we could just be friends instead, and I told him that maybe that wasn't the best option at the moment because it was pretty hard when we tried to be just friends before, he sent me a giant box of all the stuff I had ever given to him.  Including gift cards.  Because apparently he's in high school.  So, it was after that dick move I decided that really liking someone who would deliberately set out to hurt another person was really a waste of my time.  And I moved on.

Anyways, I joined eharmony for a month and really, again, didn't find it that awesome but it served the purpose I wanted it to at the time and, as a bonus, it also generated a date today with an eharmony guy and allowed me to cross one more item off my list!

Unfortunately the date itself was not at all good.  I had talked to him a couple of times and he seemed like an ok guy.  Maybe a little awkward but I just chalked it up to phone calls sometimes being awkward.  Not so much though.  He was pretty awkward in real life as well.  And he had some sort of twitch thing going on with his neck which was kind of interesting.  So I basically just sat there watching him twitch and thinking to myself, "Is this seriously what my life is right now?  Awesome".  Also, I had deliberately put on my profile thing that I wanted someone who was taller than me because I'm tired of dating guys who only come up to my chin and HIS profile said he was taller than me and he was clearly not.  So I yelled LIAR and threw coffee in his face.  Except I didn't.  But I probably would have if the date had lasted longer than half an hour.  Thank god it didn't.  But, on the positive side, I went shopping after and bought some really sweet shoes so the outing was totally worth it.  I wish I could date shoes.

However, I have been talking to another guy who I met during the eharmony month and he seems alright and potentially Torretts free.  AND I've also started talking again to the guy who I had went on a couple of dates with from the other time I joined eharmony.  Remember that guy?   He was awesome and cute but we didn't really work out for some reason?  Remember?  Well, now we all know the reason don't we.  So hopefully he'll give me a second chance after I ditched him 25 times.

And there you have it.  Another cross off.  How can my life possibly get more exciting than this?  It really can't, my friends.  It really can't.

P.S.  If anyone wants an update on how the job is going I'm posting about that tomorrow so you're just going to have to wait.  When does the hockey game start by the way.  CURLING IS REALLY BORING.


Moira, Craig and the kids said...

I have been wondering how your job is going, actually! So I'm looking forward to tomorrow to hear all about it.

May-B said...

Oy vay.

Amanda said...

You're like, Datey McDaterson over there. I'd like to hear more about this awkward guy. I feel like you're letting us down a little bit, that there's more to that awesomely awkward story and you're holding out...hmm...

Little Girl Big Glasses said...

I married shoes. It's totally possible.