Saturday, March 6, 2010

My award getting mastery.

So, I got this award.  And the best part about this award is that it was given by one of my new favorite bloggers Amanda from It's Blogworthy.  Now, if you haven't checked her out already, I strongly strongly recommend that you do.  She is very clever and funny.   Everything she writes is funny.  She could write a post about buying socks and, I guarantee you, it would be funny.   So, go visit her.  Do it.

The award is this:

What I have to do is list 6 things that I'm a master of and then give it to 6 people who are masters of friendship.  So, here you go:

  1. I'm the master at being single.  And if length of time has anything to do with how well someone has mastered something, then I am the master of the universe of this puppy.  I'm like the He-Man of being single.  And the scary thing is that I'm still going.  No one can stop me!  I bet I've set some sort of record by now.  Hopefully I'll be receiving my plaque soon in the mail.
  2. I'm the master of staying awake.  I could go to bed after not having slept for 5 days thinking, "Oh man, as soon as my head hits that pillow I am so out," but as soon as my head actually does hit the pillow my brain is like, "Oh, hey!  Are we in bed now?  Great, because I really wanted to get some thinking done.    Ok.  First I'd like to make a note of every single thing we've ever done in the past, and then of any possible thing we could ever do in the future.  Ready?  Go."
  3. I'm the master of moving.  I have moved so many times I'll probably get some sort of award for that too.  I'm 34 now and I've probably moved about 28 times.  No joke.  And I have such mad skilz that a friend of mine actually produced two TV shows about me and my moving abilities.  Two shows.  One on moving and one on packing.   That's how good I am.  Well, actually it was two segments of a show on moving but, whatever.  Shows/segments.  Same thing.
  4. I'm a master at making pancakes.  I have this recipe from my clean eating cookbook that I've tweaked to make it the best healthy pancake recipe ever made by anyone ever.  It's so good.  It's actually probably better than any non-healthy pancake recipe as well.   And by probably I mean for sure.
  5. I'm a master at procrastinating.  I am so very good at thinking of other things to do rather than doing what I should be doing.  Here's an example of what generally goes through my head, "My event management project is due soon and I haven't even started it yet but I really should look through this Avon brochure just in case I forget to do it in the two weeks before the order is due."  It's logical at the time.
  6. And finally, I'm the master at pretending to like someone when I really don't.  This skill, however, is severely diminished when I'm tired.  Which is often.  So, if one day I just all of a sudden tell you to fuck off?  Surprise!  I don't really like you.  I'm just kidding, there are very few people in this world whom I actually do dislike.   I like most people.  They just irritate the crap out of me.
So, now it's time to give out the award to six friends who are masters of friendship.  I wish I could give more than six awards because there are lots of fellow bloggers who I'd like to recognize in this way but rules are rules so you're just going to have to suck it up if you don't get one.  I still love you though.  

What I'm going to do is I'm going to give it away to four old friends who are awesome and also to two new friends who I've met through the blog world as of late.

Old(not in age, by the way, in friend years):
T-Short - Because she's awesome and supportive and always there when I need her and also because now she has to post something.  Sucka.
May-B - Another awesome and supportive friend who always knows the right thing to say at all times to make me feel better.
Lindzle - Also awesome and supportive.  The best part is that she will always tell me what I need to hear, even if it's not what I necessarily want to hear.  My friendship with her is definitely the best thing about having moved here.  
Working from home today - Not only do I value her advice, but I also admire her strength and courage.  Both verbally and by example, she has always helped me whenever I've needed it.  Oh yeah, and she's awesome and supportive.

New Bloggy friends:
(I would give Amanda the award if she hadn't already just given me the award but I can't so I'll just say, despite being very funny, she is also an awesome, supportive bloggy friend.)
Dorkvader of The Dork Side - Not only is she supportive in her comments but she is also very gifted in a crafty way.  You should totally check out her blog and take a look at what she makes.   Very awesome.
Jackee of Winded Words - Another one of my new favorites.  Not only is she a fantastic writer, but she is also very positive and inspiring.  I always feel good after reading one of her posts.

So, there you go.  And, again, I am grateful for all of my friends, both old and new, bloggy and not bloggy, so don't feel bad if you didn't get part of the award.  Like I said, I still love you.  

And that's all you really need right?  My love?  Well, you're welcome.


Lindzle said...

i feel so special. Your move was my gain!

I'm the master at not thinking before I speak. I really have to work on that.

Amanda said...

You're also the master of accepting blog awards because this? was legendary.

My brain does the same thing! It's ridic. That's why I'm basically addicted to benadryl. I'm hoping someone will turn me in to Intervention and send me to some rehab place in the Carribean.

Also, you are so sweet to say those nice things about me....I really truly appreciate it! and right back atcha!

notquiteawake said...

Lindsay, that's why I love you.

Amanda, Advil is my poison. I take it before bed because sometimes "my knees hurt". Actually I've also started taking liquid melatonin sometimes which actually works very well. I do like the benadryl idea though. But more the rehab in the Carribean idea.

dorkvader said...

*SQUEEEE!!!!* this has got to be one of the coolest blog awards, ever. AND I got it! w00t w00t! Thanks a million Notquiteawake!

Suzanne Westover said...

I read your Wednesday's post and it gave me a lot of food for thought. I started to reply in the comments, but it got kind of unwieldy, so it's now morphed into today's post on THIRTY.



Jackee said...

Me?! I'm so flattered! Thank you! Look for my answers sometime next week.