Sunday, January 30, 2011

My review of Tron: Legacy or Why I should not do movie reviews as a career.

I took my nephew to see Tron: Legacy yesterday and, let me tell you right off the top, I wasn't very excited about it.  I was excited to see my nephew because he's an awesome kid and I don't see him much, but I'm not really big on giant block buster movies that are all about spending money on special effects.   A good movie to me is more about plot and character development and emotional involvement and less about making things that aren't real look real.   Also, I'm not a big fan of Science Fiction or Fantasy and those seem to be the two main movie genres that go all out with the special effects.  So, it's mostly lose/lose for me in this type of movie situation.

Now, before you go thinking I'm a giant pretentious movie snob, I should mention that if any of these kind of movies have Matt Damon in them and there's the potential that he'll take his shirt off in one of them, I'm totally there.  Which is the main reason I went to see Inception.  And I basically spent the whole movie wondering when Matt Damon's character comes in until I realized that I must have somehow gotten Matt Damon mixed up with Leonardo Dicaprio which is crazy because I don't even LIKE Leonardo Dicaprio at all but it turned out good in the end because I really liked the movie.  So, I guess I don't dislike all block buster special effects movies but I don't generally make them my first choice.

Anyways, back to my story, I was pretty sure I saw the first Tron in the 80's but I was also pretty sure I thought it was boring and, regardless, didn't remember anything about it so when we sat down and I said, "So, what's this about, robots?" and my nephew was like, "Uh, no" while trying not to roll his eyes, I admit I was a bit curious.  The fact that it wasn't about robots was kind of encouraging.  And then I remembered that the first one may or may not have been about video games and I wondered if I told my nephew I was going to the washroom but didn't come back for three hours if he would notice.  And then I thought he was really smart so he probably would.

Let me also just mention that this movie cost me $32.00.  $32.00!!!!  For two people to go to a movie.  And that's not even including popcorn and a drink for my nephew and a bottle of water for me.  That was an extra $15.00.  Because my nephew wanted to get a large popcorn so he could get a refill which I thought was fair and a good deal, but it turned out that he barely ate any of it and at the end of the movie I was like, "You are sitting here until you finish that entire giant bag of popcorn young man".  Except I didn't really say that.  But I did make him take it home.

So, the movie starts and it opens with a young Jeff Bridges and, let me just say this, I have, over the past year or so, developed a love for Jeff Bridges that rivals no other.  I'm not sure when it happened or why I suddenly love a crotchety old man but, I think he is fantastic.  So when I see him I'm pretty excited and  I suddenly remember an article I read in the Globe and Mail about how in some movie Jeff Bridges is digitally altered into a more youthful version of himself and, while reading it, I thought that sounded pretty cool and it turns out that Tron: Legacy was that movie so I got even more excited.

Yes, it takes me a long time to catch on to things.

Now the movie doesn't seem that bad.  Not only does it have Jeff Bridges in it but it also has some new technology thing that I actually read about and thought was cool.  So, I settle down to watch it.

And it was good!  Not just good but REALLY good.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The special effects were cool, the story was good, the music was awesome and the characters were more or less developed.  Actually the characters were kind of lame and the acting was a bit forced,  but my lover Jeff's fantastic performance made up for all the clichéd blockbuster movie lines so it was ok.   There was also a brief performance by Michael Sheen which was awesome.

So, in a nutshell, I don't really know how the movie would go over for big Tron fans who are expecting it to be like the old Tron or better than the old Tron or similar to the old Tron or whatever but, coming from someone who was expecting it to suck, I give it two thumbs up.

And Matt Damon didn't take his shirt off in it even once.

(P.S.  You don't need to spend the extra money to see this movie in 3-D.  Very few scenes are shot in 3-D and I really don't think it would make that much of a difference.  Just sayin'.)


Belle said...

This is the most interesting, convoluted movie review I have ever read. I love how you mixed up the actors in Inception. That kills me.
Thanks for the info on Tron. I told my husband you said it was good. He said, "Of course it was good!" There you go. He hasn't even seen it yet.

notquiteawake said...

Well thank you Belle! I'm going to take that as a compliment. Let me know what your husband thinks when he goes to see it!

tee said...

Did you see True Grit? It's also awesome and ACTUALLY has Matt Damon in it, AND Jeff Bridges! And this girl who reminds me of Paris Gellar and is also awesome.

Disclaimer: Matt Damon does not take off his shirt which is actually ok because he's just not very Matt Damon-y in this particular performance. And there's no robots.

notquiteawake said...

I did see True Grit. I honestly didn't love it. I did like it though, I just thought it was a bit slow. I am pretty glad Matt Damon didn't take his shirt off in this one though. It might have been disturbing. might not have been. It's kind of sad that we'll never know.