Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey. My eyes are up here.

Remember the good ol' days when we used to talk to each other, face to face, without simultaneously  having a conversation with one or several other people on our Blackberry or iphone?  Remember when the person to whom you were actually having a physical conversation with was as important, nay, more important than the person who may or may not have just sent you an email?  Remember when, if you had to tell a guy to look at your face when he was talking to you, it was because he was looking at your boobs and not his Blackberry? I miss those days.

I miss the days when I could talk to someone and not have them BBM someone at the same time and then actually not even realize that I had stopped talking until I knee them in the groin and walk away.  And even when they don't have their smart phone in hand, you know they're not listening to you.  Because it's in their pocket.  And they keep glancing at it.  And their hand keeps touching it.  And their eye starts twitching.

Remember when you checked your email only when you were in your office and not right in the middle of a really serious conversation because your alert went off and holy hell you better read that email IMMEDIATELY because what if it's an EMERGENCY?!

Of course, I do all of these things.  And I love my Blackberry, I really do. Almost like a child.  In fact, I probably love my Blackberry more than I would an actual child.  But I also think it's really sad that we seem to have lost the ability to make personal connections with the people we are with because we are so busy trying to make digital connections with the people we are not with.  It's gotten to the point where I've almost BBMd someone who I was sitting at the same table with so they'd actually pay attention to what I was saying.

And where does this end?  When do we get to the point where people will actually just go out and sit at a table and text each other all night?  Or will anyone need to go out at all?  What do we actually need human contact for anyways?  Texting or SEXting, as it were, could potentially replace foreplay altogether. Two people hook up, text their way into the bedroom and - boom - done.  This could really save a lot of time actually.  And unnecessary conversation and awkwardness.   And having to experience actual "feelings".

Or maybe this is already being done and I've missed the bus on yet another new trend.  I honestly would not be surprised.

On another note, just a heads up for all those giant dudes who just like to fucking give 'er when exiting through a revolving door; you may want to take a quick glance behind you to see if anyone, possibly someone significantly smaller than you, might also be exiting via that same revolving door so as not to catapult them out onto the street.

Much appreciated.


Teacher Lady said...

Seems so strange to me that people seem to want to be connected to people with everyone except who are with them. I hope that makes sense.

notquiteawake said...

That totally makes sense and I totally agree! I'm going to consciously make a point from now on to put my blackberry down when talking to real people. I'm sure they'll appreciate it at the very least.

May-B said...

I am laughing my head off at the image of you being shot across the street by a revolving door. OMG.

Also, I think Wade and I are going to have to have BB free date nights. Also, I will try to put my phone away more often. Good point, good post.