Friday, June 17, 2011

Go green or go break shit.

On Wednesday night I was torn between watching the hockey game and "cheering for my country" and going to bed at 8pm like a small child.  Needless to say, it was a very hard decision to make.  In the end I decided to have a glass of wine - because what says "Hockey" better than a glass of Merlot - plop myself in front of the TV, and watch the final game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Even though I didn't watch one NHL game at all this season and, really, the only hockey I actually enjoy is the World Juniors because they seem to genuinely value skill over punching, but I sort of felt like I should watch it, and also care, even if I really didn't.

And, let me tell you, I really tried hard to care.  When I wasn't intensely focused on playing Scrabble on Facebook or reading blogs and I heard the crowd go "OHHHH" when they almost scored, I briefly looked up from my laptop and went "OHHHH" too.  And sometimes, "DARN!  Almost!"

But then, about 5 minutes into the third period, when it was pretty clear we weren't going to win and I had run out of blogs to read, I realized that I was right at the beginning.  I really didn't care we were losing.  And I really didn't care who won.

And then I found out that pre-season CFL started that night also and I was like, Stanley what?

And, of course, there were the riots after and I'm sure if you just googled "I am so EMBARRASSED to be Canadian right now" or "I AM TOTALLY A PART OF HISTORY!" you would find a whole shit-load of blogs on that particular topic so I'm going to pass on writing about it.  Mostly because this is pretty much the same thing that always happens when Vancouver wins or loses anything so I really wasn't surprised.  And by "Vancouver" I mean "anyone these days".

But I would like to say, if you really want a lesson on how fans should react when they have really high hopes for their team and think that they're totally going to win but then they end up getting the shit beaten out of them, talk to a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan my friends.  We deal with that every year.  Every. Year.  And, what's more, we deal with that every year riot-free.  And we still love them.  No matter what.  We still love them when we almost win the Grey Cup two years ago but don't because we have too many men on the field and we want to scream and yell about how fucking heartbreakingly stupid that was and, yes, we probably did yell that a little bit but did we break shit and set things on fire?  No.  We met the team at the airport and had a giant rally for them.  Well, I didn't because I lived here, but I would have if I still lived in Saskatchewan, and I totally rallied in my heart. 

So, in closing, it turns out I did write about it and my posts are slowing becoming filled with lies.

And, also, Go Riders!


May-B said...

I'm wearing my green!!

Schmutzie said...
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Schmutzie said...

That second last sentence was one of the best nearly closing blog sentences ever.

Hutch said...

I love sports, but outside of the Olympics I can't get in to hockey. At all. Maybe it's because I come from a land where frozen tundra doesn't mean any more than a truck with frost on it? I don't know.