Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some days

You know, some days, when you want to buy something, you just go into the store and find what you're looking for and buy it?  Those are the good days.

But then, some days, when you go into the store and you can't find what you're looking for so you're kind of disappointed and then you try to leave but there isn't a way out unless you walk through one of the check-outs and all of the check-outs are full of people and the ones that are empty have racks of merchandise blocking the exits and you really want to leave but you're truly at a loss as to how to get out so you walk back and forth and actually consider picking up a pack of gum and waiting in line just so you can exit the store but then you think that's STUPID because all you want to do is LEAVE for the love of god so you interrupt the 16 year old at customer service who is actually talking to a customer and ask, maybe in a bitchy way, how exactly is one supposed to exit the store and she says, "Like, the exit?" and points to the door and then you feel stupid and then even more stupid when you try to explain that you CAN'T GET TO THE EXIT because all the aisles are blocked with people and crap and then she just looks at you like you're insane and then looks at the guy who she was talking to like, "What the fuck is this old lady's problem" and so then you leave in a huff and push through all the people waiting in line to purchase their items and finally get out and try to look like you're not some idiot who couldn't find their way out of a department store so you start typing something purposeful and important on your Blackberry but you're not really looking where you're going so you trip over a boulevard?

Those days really aren't as good.

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