Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So, do you want to get married or what?

I'm going on a date on Saturday.  Like, a real date.  Not a date that results from putting my picture on an online dating site and weeding through the creeps and degenerates before settling on someone who "doesn't creep me out entirely" and then realizing that, despite the fact that I have several good friends who've met really awesome guys online, the only ones I can find are currently on their week-long "birthday drunk" or freely throwing out the "C" word as if it were candy.

So, what does one do on a real date?  I'm not sure what I'm going to do without the immediate awkwardness and palpable desperation.  I'm not sure how to have an actual conversation without trying to efficiently design specific questions that will elicit the responses required to enable me to decide in 30 minutes whether or not I want to continue this pseudo-relationship on to a second date, while at the same time, trying to find the delicate balance between giving the guy a chance and leading him to believe, because I've agreed to a second date, that a connection has been made, thus encouraging him to go home, delete his profile and start picking out baby names.

What do I do without the clever questions that have clearly been asked to many others before me?  How will I answer without the slight sense of underlying panic that my answer won't be the one he wants to hear?  Or, more realistically, that it will be.

I know, due to my awesomeness, that it will be hard for many of you to believe that I actually haven't been on a non-internet initiated date for probably about 10 years.   And I've maybe been on three in my life.  And I think I've included my wedding in there as one of those times.  Because, really, it was pretty brief.

So, I'm not really sure what to do or how this is going to play out but what I DO know is that I'm going to totally blog the whole thing as it happens to make sure you guys can all be part of the experience.  Because nothing says "Awesome Date" like asking someone to repeat themselves because you want to make sure you capture it accurately for your live, up to the minute, blog.

I'm totally kidding.  As if I'd live blog a date.

Twitter is so much more efficient.


Hutch said...

Wait so you're not gonna live blog? Oh please, oh please. Or at least make the recap a play-by-play!

Belle said...

I want to hear all about it. All the grisly details please.