Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Summer, you're the best.

So, the comments on my last couple of posts have led me to believe that maybe you, all two of you, are under the impression that I am an unhappy person and, yes, I can completely understand that because I have, on, occasion, written posts that have expounded my unhappiness and, yes, those posts may have seemed similar to the posts I just wrote but, the difference here is, I am actually not just happy but VERY happy and the previous posts, especially the last one, was intended to be funny.  I was sort of poking fun at myself if you will.

And, clearly, I didn't really do a good job at accurately portraying the humor but, really, I'm not unhappy.  I still do have anxiety from time to time, yes, and I still have great difficulty sleeping but that's ok because, other than that, my life is pretty awesome.

I love summer, and I love summer things, and I spent most of this weekend doing fun summer things.  I went to see the Canada Day Fireworks, I went to the Farmers Market by my house and bought a pie, I ate the pie, I hung out by the lake all day today and I'm watching the Rider game tonight.  And, really, despite the fact that I found a giant beetle in my hair this morning and completely lost my shit, I would have to say that I am perfectly happy with my life in every way right now at 35 years old.

So there.  Beat that 25.


Belle said...

I'm so glad you have happiness! That is so great. A beetle? Yep, I'd lose it too.

May-B said...

well, sheesh. Be funnier then. I wouldn't have to worry that you're standing over the sink with a razor.