Thursday, April 26, 2007

Things that annoy me

I've been busy this week! So busy. It's been both crazy and nuts. One of my friends asked when I would be posting again and I was flattered because that would mean people(person?)actually read this but then I had a bit of an anxiety attack because that also means I may have to start posting on this thing regularly. Or not. Whatever. Anyways, to keep with the subject line of this post, I am annoyed by many things. Many many things. Many. So many that they have to be divided into categories. Here is a list of my top 5 email related annoyances. If you do any of these things, I mean not to offend. I only want you to stop doing them in my presence. Please stop. You're annoying me.

1. People who end their emails with "Cheers". Seriously, if you're not from England then stop it right now. It's slightly pretentious. It's right up there with people who say "Ciao" who are not Spanish. In reality you are not bilingual and exotic and trendy and cool if you only know one word of another language.

2.People who use email acronyms. I cannot begin to explain how much I want to punch someone every time I see LOL. Even typing it right now makes me angry. I can't explain why it makes me so angry but it does. To me an acronym should be a short version of something you would really say. For example: SCUBA. You can't say "Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Diving" all the time because it's too long. SCUBA diving seems like a smart, time-saving alternative. LOL's long form is "laugh out loud". Who would actually say that? Even in an email. It sounds like something a small child or somewhat challenged person would say. Ok, apparently I can explain why it makes me angry.

3. People who use too many exclamation points in their emails. I have a co-worker who ends each of her sentences with about 80 exclamation points. It drives me crazy. Are you really that excited about what you're emailing me? Really? I have reason to suspect that you are not.

4.People who get pissed off when other people hit "reply all" and then(ironically)voice their distaste with a "reply all" email. I realize that it's probably a slight inconvenience to have your inbox full of emails from people who are trying to have some fun but it takes about half a second to delete them, so lighten up.

5. Chain emails. There's been enough written on this topic but, in short, if you think I'd be interested in sharing recipes or saving the whales or having my biggest dream come true or getting money from Bill Gates you would be wrong. I also don't like poems about Angels or pictures of people's cats or anything that involves puns. I hate puns. They aren't funny. Ever. Puns are never funny.

Coming up...more things that annoy me, including people who crack their knuckles and girls who dress like cheap whores!


Jack said...

Mmmm.... I always thought ciao was Italian!!!!!!!!! LOL, goofy ol me!!!!!!!!

I also love cracking my knuckles and women who dress like cheap whores! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working From Home Today said...

Yup, that seals it for me. Time to retire the good ol' 'cheers'.


notquiteawake said...

Ciao is Italian as well. So, I guess if you're Italian it doesn't annoy me.
Working: It's funny, I wrote this post with a few specific people in mind but I'm finding out that a lot of my friends actually do these things and I've never noticed. Ha...ha...sigh....

May-B said...

Puns are always funny.

But I agree about "LOL". For me it's up there with people who write *smiles*. I want to punch them all in the throat.

Terri said...

Good stuff Jamie. I'm glad you posted something. My pet peeve is people that chew loud, with their mouths open or talk when they are chewing. It makes me so mad that I want to punch people. If there are babies around when it happens, I'd probably punch them too!! Yup, makes me that mad.

Should I go see someone about this?!?

notquiteawake said...

I think you're fine without professional help but you should probably not eat around certain members of my immediate family. Not mentioning any names but it's not me...or my dad....or my brother.

Miss Gina said...'re like my soulmate. (except that you're a girl) I was reading this post and every new point I was like, "I KNOW!....Me too!...I KNOW!" I HATE LOL.

But more than anything else, I hate this new "cheers" phenomenon...and people are using it to replace words like thank you. You hand them something and they say "cheers." Ummm, did you mean to say thank-you? Because in that case I'll say you're welcome but if you stick with cheers, I'll just stare at you blankly and then walk away.

I'm a friend of Lyn's, by the way.

Schmutzie said...

I wrote "Cheers" at the end of an e-mail yesterday and then erased it. You have done good work.

palinode said...


Which stands for Renew Optimism To Find Lurid Monkey A.O.

Despite the popularity of this acronym, no one has yet found Lurid Monkey A.O.

erin kelly said...

Hi my name is erin and i'm an exclamation mark addict.