Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is a classic from an email I sent out to my ball team last summer recapping drinks the night before. It was originally titled"Why ball drinks sometimes make me want to stab myself". The sad thing is, it's totally true....and we were not drunk...

(I, after one of my many trips to the bathroom, enter mid-conversation)
"...wasn't it Craig T. Nelson?..."
(everyone cheers)
"Ok, now let's do 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon to Craig T. Nelson"
(no one can do it)
"Ok, let's try....Will Smith"
"No, Mike Myers!"
" then Tom Cruise was in Mission Impossible III with Lawrence Fishburn who was in Mystic River WITH KEVIN BACON!!!
(everyone rejoices much to the delight of the rest of the pub)
"So...was that Will Smith or Mike Myers?"
"Guys...I think we just did 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon to Kevin Bacon."
End Scene.


LynnieC said...

Will Smith is easy. He was in Men In Black with Tommy Lee Jones, who was in Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood, who directed Mystic River starring Kevin Bacon.

Mike Meyers was in 54 with Neve Campbell, who was in The Company with James Franco, who was in Spiderman with Toby Maguire, who was in Cider House Rules with Charlize Theron, who was in Trapped with Kevin Bacon.

Just you try to stump me.

LynnieC said...

And I wrote this on my break. Get off my case.

notquiteawake said...

Lyn, you really need to join our ball team. Although, if we ever play that game again, I may lose it.

Anonymous said...

You funny!

The Sunday dinner people.